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Guidelines for Bringing Your Basement Back from the Dead

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When we talk about houses and its areas that need to be presentable, we usually mention the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and the garden or yard. While this is logical and these are the areas that most people see and stay in, there’s an area that also needs your attention — the basement.

You might not think of the basement as a living area or a place to stay in, but it’s important that you plan ahead in case the need arises. Moreover, space in the cellar can be wide enough to accommodate beds, wardrobes or extra baggage.

For a better grasp of how you can revive and utilize it, here are some suggestions to make your basement go from horror to honor.

Spring Cleaning

One activity that makes a housing area more accommodating and welcoming is cleaning and sterilizing it. A tidy area ensures that the place is safe for people to stay in and the disinfection helps avoid contracting diseases.

It also helps get the place prepared for the upcoming improvement. While doing this activity, you can assess if it has damages such as leaks, faulty wiring, and cracks in the walls.

After taking note of the spots that need attention, you can then call on the experts such as a professional concrete repair company in Salt Lake City. What you think is a small problem now can become a big issue once you start your actual renovations.

Sorting Out

organized garageIn connection to cleaning, the next step would be organizing objects and equipment that may have been put away in the basement. Usually, they’re used for storage so expect to do a lot of sorting out once you get started.

A trick that you can use is to list down all that need to be transferred to another area as well as those that can stay. As previously mentioned, the cellar has space to hold many of your items, so you can build cupboards and cabinets for those that don’t need to be seen all the time. If the cellar doubles as a tool shed, then you can make use of walls or dividers that can become part of the overall design of the room.


Now that repairs and arrangements have been set, it’s time to make your vision of a reinvigorated cellar come true. What you should do first is to plan it all out, since you need to be certain on how you want to transform the basement.

If you want it to become an extra bedroom, then you can make it similar to the others in your house. Another possibility for it is to become a game or hobby area. In this case, you may need to put in additional electrical installations.

Aside from putting in elements of the theme that you want, put in a touch of nature by placing low-maintenance plants. That way, the air can be detoxified, and oxygen will be in steady supply.

Cellars or basements aren’t the first choices when it comes to living spaces within the house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into one. Keep the stigma away by breathing new life into it. Moreover, you can use the extra space for certain functions such as serving as an emergency guest room.

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