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Touching and Sentimental Gift Ideas for Daughters

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Having a daughter is incredibly special. Watching them grow into fine, strong people who know their parents will always have their backs is a wonderful feeling, and there’s nothing quite like it.

If you have a daughter or two and you’re thinking of ways to show appreciation and affection for them through sentimental and touching gifts, here are some ideas on where you can start.


The first on the list is jewelry because they are long-lasting and can be passed on from one generation to another. If you have family heirlooms from your own mother, your daughters will surely appreciate pieces that mean a lot to the family since it carries so much of your history and story.

wearing a necklace

On the one hand, brand-new jewelry can also be special since it will be the start of something new. It signifies that you trust your daughters to care for something valuable. Personalized high-end necklace gifts for women are a special way to tell your daughters that you value their individuality, that you’re paying attention to their personal style and values. There are plenty of designs to choose from, as well—from animals that exemplify characteristics that are similar to your girls to more simple ones like a chain with diamonds, there is no shortage of styles that will speak to your daughter’s heart and aesthetic. Give them a meaningful piece they can wear for a long time!

Scrapbook filled with letters

If your daughter is still a baby, now is a wonderful time to start writing her letters for every milestone in her life. From her birth, first birthday, first day at school, graduations, first love, first heartbreak, first day at work, wedding day, and even up to when she has kids of her own. It will probably take the longest to prepare, but it will be a poignant way of remembering and honoring the life you will help her build, and at the end of it, all your daughter will be grateful that you always had words of encouragement for whatever she’s going through in her life.

Customized blankets

If you were able to keep many of her baby clothes and blankets, you might be able to have those old fabrics converted into customized blankets. Called a memory quilt, this blanket can signify your daughter’s transition from a girl into a young woman, who no longer needs these transitional objects to find comfort.

Remember when your daughter couldn’t let go of her safety blanket or stuffed animal? If your daughter does not want to let go of the most precious items from her childhood, suggest to her the idea of turning them into a memory quilt, so she can still use them as a blanket even as an adult.

Matching graphic tees

If you and your daughter share a wicked sense of humor and have a very confident streak, consider going for matching shirts that show off your wit and the things you find amusing. Some examples include shirts that say, “She got it from me” and “I got it from her.” Even something as simple as “Mama” and “Mama’s girl” can be cute. Your daughter is never too old for some fun shirts!

Custom portraits

If your daughter is an art lover, a custom portrait might be a wonderful way to commemorate the times you spent together. There are plenty of artists that you can commission to do some work for you–just research on the art style and medium that you want and let the artist do the rest. It can be a portrait of your daughter or the whole family, but either way, make sure it matches her aesthetic so that it looks cohesive with the design of her room. This will be a particularly poignant gift when sending off your daughter to college so that she has something to remember you by.

Designer bag or clothes


If you have prized high-end items in your wardrobe like bags or dresses, consider passing them on to your daughter, but you can also buy brand-new items for them. Not a lot of people know that Hermès and Chanel bags, for example, grow in value as time goes on. If you want to give your daughter something high-end, choose ones that are worthy investments so that your daughter will also learn the value of choosing items that are worth it and can yield high rewards in the future.

Parenting a daughter is an irreplaceable and fulfilling experience. Express affection and love for your daughters by giving them gifts that have significant meaning and value.

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