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Healthy Tricks to Get Rid of Annoying Facial Fat

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Many women have already mastered the art of highlighting, contouring, and other makeup tricks to change their face shape. Meanwhile, others resort to flattering haircuts and stylish techniques to make their faces look longer or smaller. Some even consult an oral surgeon to experience maxillofacial surgery to change the appearance of their jaw completely.

Changing your face can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it correctly. To get you started, here are common ways to lose facial fat and make your face thinner and slimmer.

Perform facial exercises

Experts suggest doing facial exercises enhances facial appearance, muscle strength, and reverse aging. Including it in your daily routine can build muscle tone and slim down your facial appearance. If you want to see immediate results, it’s recommended to do it twice each day for eight weeks to witness dramatic results on facial rejuvenation and muscle thickness.

Keep in mind that some studies don’t discuss how facial exercises specifically affect fat loss. This is why experts need to conduct more studies to understand how facial exercises affect facial fat.

You can start by doing the most common facial exercises, such as puffing out the cheeks, puckering the lips alternatively, and holding your smile while clenching the teeth.

You can also turn your facial exercises into a relaxing nighttime routine. You can do at-home facial massages to reduce the bloated and puffy look when you wake up. Just simply use a serum or facial oil when massaging your face.


Do cardio exercises

Often, too much body fat results in extra facial fat. Weight loss exercises are proven to accelerate fat loss and slim down your face and body shape. Aerobic exercise is a form of cardiovascular conditioning that boosts the heart and breathing rate. It’s commonly considered one of the tried-and-true weight loss techniques.

Several studies have revealed that cardio exercises, such as aerobics, increase fat loss and support fat burning. In fact, doing frequent bouts of cardio exercises will lead to bigger fat loss among women. If you’re just starting out, it’s recommended to get at least 150 to 300 minutes of exercise every week, which is equivalent to 20 to 40 minutes of cardio.

Some examples of aerobic exercise include walking, running, biking, swimming, and dancing.


Drinking plenty of water is critical for overall health but can be even more important if you’re trying to eliminate facial fat. Studies revealed that drinking more water leaves your stomach feeling full, which leads to enhanced weight loss. In fact, research discovered that drinking water before a meal significantly decreases the calorie amount consumed when eating.

Drinking water also increases metabolism and burns calories throughout the day, which also promotes weight loss.

Eat healthily

Diet should also be your priority when losing facial fat. Skin conditions can change the overall skin appearance. Your skincare routine won’t be enough to experience a transformation; you have to supplement it with food that enhances skin complexion.

The body repairs itself from the inside out, and you have to help it by eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients that reduce swelling, blemishes, and extra water, which are major causes of a bigger face impression.

Focus on eating leafy green vegetables and good fat, such as walnuts, avocado, and walnuts.

Cut down alcohol intake

Having an occasional glass of wine is okay, but too much alcohol intake is one of the leading causes of boating and fat accumulation both in your body and face.

Alcohol has high-calorie content and low nutrient amounts, which are all linked to higher risks of weight gain. If you can’t completely give up alcohol intake, you can start by limiting yourself to at least one glass or drinking during weekends to see its benefits in your facial appearance.

Change sleep schedule

Getting plenty of sleep should be a part of your weight loss program. It won’t only improve your body shape but also reduce facial fat.

Sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels, a type of stress hormone that leads to weight gain. Studies show that excess cortisol in your body increases appetite and affects metabolism, causing higher fat storage.

For this reason, squeezing more extra hours in your sleep can help you lose extra pounds. If done regularly, maintaining good sleep quality can serve as an effective weight loss maintenance.

There are plenty of ways to lose excess fat in your face. As you have noticed above, all it takes is a healthy lifestyle to eliminate unnecessary fat throughout your body. So make sure to follow the steps above to witness significant results.

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