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Birthday on a Budget: Celebrating with a Heart

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The mandatory nationwide lockdown put millions of people indoors for months. In turn, this has caused many of us to experience mental health issues, including increased anxiety, hopelessness, and develop symptoms of depressive disorders that continue to haunt us up to this day. Thus, the lifting of travel bans and gradual ease of COVID-19 restrictions has soothed our hearts and provided a time to reflect and revisit outdoor activities we used to enjoy.

This includes celebrating special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. On the good side, staying at home has allowed us to understand ourselves better and be more compassionate about others. So, although you deserve to have a party for your special day, there are ways to make it extra memorable and more meaningful without breaking the bank.

Invest in “Me Time.”

While you may have missed spending your birthday with your loved ones, celebrating it on your own can be equally empowering and rewarding. But, of course, staying at home and doing it online is out of the equation. So instead, start by planning a day where you pamper yourself with things you missed doing when the lockdown began.

It can be by going to a spa, having a makeover, and even taking a short trip to the beach or nearby towns. If you missed the theaters, this is also an ideal time to start going to the movies, attending stand-up comedy shows, and watching Broadway. Furthermore, having some ‘me time’ also helps in reducing stress and combating social anxiety after being indoors for quite some time.

Give back to the community.

Birthdays are primarily about receiving presents from our friends and family. And while this is a way to express one’s affection and appreciation, gift-giving is just as crucial in strengthening relationships and feeling good about yourself. So, what better way to celebrate another year added to your life but to pay it forward?

Doing volunteer work eases the burden of financial stress and helps better mental and physical health for both ends. It can boost one’s mood and improve overall life satisfaction as you see your efforts bloom into fruition. In addition, it also helps lower your stress levels and reduce mortality rate, giving you a longer and better quality of life.

giving back to community

Additionally, volunteering aids in expanding your social circle as it allows you to develop your social skills by meeting with people who have the same interest in your neighborhood and your community. This, in turn, fosters new bonds and strengthens existing connections with others that help broaden your network. So, take time to find what volunteer work suits you best.

This can range from visiting animal shelters, conducting a feeding program for the poor, chatting with older adults at a nearby senior assisted living facility, helping with the community garden, or hosting games and activities for homeless children. Of course, make sure that all safety protocols are met and communicate with people in charge to avoid any conflicts, misunderstandings, and issues later on regarding health and safety.

Help change lives.

Birthdays are here to celebrate life. Thus, it is only fitting that you spend it in ways to support others and change lives for the best. So, instead of arranging a party this year, consider pledging your birthday and finding a cause you want to support, whether it’s a short- or long-term one.

It doesn’t have to be grand, and you can even do it by yourself or with some help from friends and family. For example, you may start collecting unused items from the neighborhood and donate them to those in need. You may also go over your things, clothes, and furniture and conduct a garage sale; the proceeds will then be given to vulnerable families affected by the current global health crisis of recent calamities.

Consequently, you may also create your own fundraising page online or work with various groups and organizations to help you raise money for refugees and children in hunger. If you have a talent in baking or a unique recipe, you can use this to help raise an additional budget for an ongoing home project in your community.

Indeed, there are endless possibilities to make a change, especially if you do it on your special day. Additionally, celebrating life is always better when shared with people you care about and knowing you contribute to a better tomorrow in your own simple ways. So, make sure to make it count without needing to spend a few hundred bucks on things you don’t really need.

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