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Garage Improvement: Upgrades That Will Help Boost Your Home’s Value

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There are tons of DIY garage improvement projects on the internet. This can be enough to drive your desire to finally improve this often-neglected part of your home. But before you make any investment, consider if you can boost your home’s value with the help of your garage improvement.

How Garage Upgrades Can Boost Home Equity

Many things can influence your home’s resale value. It only makes sense that you prioritize certain projects first if you want to boost the value of your home. One thing you can start improving is the state of your garage.

Investing in garage upgrades will help you improve your home’s value for the following reasons.

  • It can boost curb appeal
  • You can maximize the space inside your garage
  • It makes your garage’s interior look and feel nicer
  • You get to boost your home’s energy efficiency

Garage Projects for Better Resale Value

You may not have any plans about selling the house soon. But by investing in your garage, you can improve the space for better functionality and improve the value of your home at the same time. Luckily, there are tons of projects you can tackle to boost your garage space.

Functional Garage Door

Long ago, heavy wooden doors are enough to complete a homeowner’s garage. But these days, homeowners are busier than ever. They no longer have time to manually open their doors just to get their cars inside.

Nowadays, a functional door for your garage is a must-have. This helps reduce the amount of time needed to get your car in and out of your garage. This also helps improve the value of your home, especially if this opens automatically.

According to Investopedia, you can yield up to 88% return on investment for replacing your old door. That is a considerable amount of increased return on resale. Remember that a high-quality garage door will your home’s curb appeal, especially if this can complement the design of your

Smart Storage

There’s always something that needs to be stored in your garage. For most people, this acts as their second choice in storing items they usually use outdoors. Aside from their vehicles, the garage also acts as their storage area of tools and appliances used only outdoors.

More often than not, this is also the place where homeowners store out-of-season items. If this is the case with your garage, consider investing in same-sized durable plastic bins. Label each one with the items you place inside, and your garage will look more organized.

If possible, use vertical storage to your advantage. This is your best choice if you have a limited space to work on. Stack boxes vertically, and you will free more space inside your garage.

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Garage Insulation

Most homes have attached garages. Most homeowners prefer attached garages since it is easier to get to their homes after riding their vehicles to go home. But if the space feels uncomfortable, especially during extreme weather, this can quickly turn buyers off.

Homeowners themselves will also find it hard to utilize the space if they themselves are not feeling comfortable inside their own garage. The best fix is to insulate the garage.

Garage insulation will improve how your garage protects your vehicles and belongings from extreme weather conditions. This will also help ensure you and your family feels comfortable when using the space. Invest in the walls, ceiling, and door insulation, and you can guarantee an improved value for your home.

Improved Lighting

A well-lit garage is a safe garage. Sadly, many people would not even think about their garage’s lighting. It is only when things start going downhill will they prioritize lighting up their garage the right way.

Invest in energy-efficient lighting to ensure lighting efficiency in the garage. The general rule is to have one 40 watts of LED light bulb for every car space. This will help you save money and energy whenever you utilize the space.

There is no reason for you to stop after achieving overhead lighting. Remember that even garages could use the three forms of lighting. Keep a layer of illumination to achieve the right light for storage, parking, and other ways you make use of your garage.

What to Avoid

One thing experts recommend is to avoid permanent garage improvements if you will use the space other than its intended use. You might need extra space for your home gym or home office. Remember that not all buyers will reimagine the space into something else.

Garage makeovers can be a fun project for every homeowner. But if your goal is to improve your home’s value, be careful before making any improvements. Most buyers have the same expectations for garages, including having a garage for their car that is well-lit, organized, insulated, and has a functional door.

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