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Designing Your Home for Maximum Comfort and Convenience

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It is better to renovate and upgrade your home before you move into it. Working on each room as you adjust to living there may sound like a good project; but, you are more likely to find that it lasts much longer than you anticipated. No one wants to live surrounded by tarps and the smell of paint stripper for long.   A professional firm will also be able to deliver you the renovations you want at a faster pace than you could do it yourself. You could even hire individual firms that specialize in one field to ensure that you receive the very best finishing for your new home.

This is a worthwhile expense as upgrades such as a new hand-finished door or modern window design can not only add value to your home but completely transform the exterior of your home as well. Curbside appeal matters and you want to have the nicest looking house in the neighborhood. For the interior, focus on comfort first and beauty second. This will ensure that your home is well-equipped to meet all your needs and is unlikely to need too much maintenance as time passes.

Built-In Storage

Storage is one thing you can never have too much of, but buying furniture for storage takes up room and can be expensive. It may also be hard to find furniture that fully matches your decor and does not make your living space look cluttered. Building in storage options allows you to hide the access ways so that it does not affect the lines of the home. It is also cheaper to build storage solutions during the renovating process.

Smart Thermostat

Smart devices are all the rage and help your home be more comfortable for you. A smart thermostat can keep track of the ambient temperature in every room and adjust the levels. It can be programmed to lower temperatures when no one is at home to conserve energy.   As it can be connected to any smart device, you can send it a signal to begin adjusting the temperature to your preferred level before you walk in the door. Smart thermostats record energy usage and can send you updates to help you stay informed about power usage in your home.

Light Up Your Home  

Lights are functional but have an important emotional component as well. You may not think you need too much light but dim rooms have a tendency to affect occupants negatively. Well-placed lighting can help elevate the look of your home and make it feel more welcoming. Recessed lighting can increase light levels in your home without being too obvious or glaring. Where you can, opt for natural lighting by adding windows or finding ways to channel the natural lighting deeper into the house.   You can reduce the expense of having more lights by using an LED lighting system. LED lights are energy efficient, convert almost all power received into light, and are long-lasting while requiring very little maintenance.

Focus on the Kitchen

If you have a family, you are all going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area. Thus, it is a very good idea to make these areas as comfortable for use as possible. Extra-height cabinets and deep drawers to give more storage options for awkwardly shaped pots and pans are a must. Consider having a kitchen island with a marble top so that you can all use it for food prep as well as a table. Consider getting more energy efficient smart appliances as well. A smart fridge can offer many advantages for a busy home. It has cameras that allow your children to check what is inside without opening the fridge doors. It can also send you updates when you begin running low on certain groceries.

Increase Your Bathroom Space

modern bathroom

A cramped bathroom is not a relaxing space. Increased space will allow you to incorporate better storage options for toiletries   You may even be able to expand into a full-size bathtub. Add attractive fittings to make the bathroom safer for use as well. Because you are upgrading during the renovations you can use a combination of rough tile and embedded metal studs to help make the slippery surfaces easier for feet to grip. This will reduce the need for unattractive silicone grip mats later on.

As you can see, even when the renovations are focused on comfort, it leaves a lot of room for decorative options. You do not have to sacrifice comfort or beauty and can have both as long as you approach the situation with planning and a clear direction. Knowing what you want will allow you to find the ways to get what you want. Walking into a house that you know has been made just for you and your family to feel at home is sure to help you adjust to your new surroundings with minimal discomfort.

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