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Corporate Dress Codes in a Multi-generational Workplace

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In today’s modern workplace, 50% of managers say employees dress less formally than they did just a couple of years ago. Plus, 58% of younger workers say they would prefer to work for a company that’s business casual, full casual, or have no dress code—with many deeming ‘dressing up for work’ going out of style.

Chances are, if you’re working at an office today, the human resource services department will advise you of house roles which include corporate dress code. It’s a list of what’s allowed and what’s not when attending official functions, representing the company, or working in the field.

Most businesses encourage the ‘smart casual’ dress code, consisting of the perfect combinations of business casual, casual, and business. It’s considered neat, conventional yet chic, professional, and informal at the same time—meeting the millennial worker’s desire for flexible dress codes. Here are some easy and comfortable ‘corporate attires’ not only for millennials to rock, but for all generations to wear at work.

Layered Look

Layering is a fun way of experimenting with different pieces without your attire becoming too casual for work. Matching this fashion concept with classic neutral-tone looks is a great way to add a bit of ‘fun’ to your outfits. It’s best to mix in masculine components like collared shorts and button-up sweaters with feminine midi skirts.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Cream

When it comes to millennial office attire, you can never have too much cream in your closet. Neutral tones will never go out of style, and matching a ‘modern corporate outfit’ in creams is a massive hit among younger workers. So, pair your outfit with some retro cream sunglasses, and you’ll be your office’s very own fashionista.

The Classic Suits

Although business suits can be stuffy, modern suits made from the same cloth are becoming a massive hit with millennials. It’s the most commonly worn outfit by men in the office, making it a necessity to any grown-up man’s wardrobe. If you expect to wear it every day for work, make sure to buy at least two to three pieces or more in different colors, adding more variety to your work style.

For your initial suit, go with plain and dark colors, such as dark navy without patterns, making the vibe more sophisticated. Additionally, navy is the more flexible color that you can combine with different colored shirts and ties. Other suit colors to consider are dark charcoal and jet black as they’re easy to combine with other pieces.

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Disco Collared Blazers

The seventies-inspired disco collared blazers proved to be a massive hit among the younger generation. These bold pieces are a fantastic upgrade to any average blouse, bringing in a dramatic yet professional look to your outfit.

Button-Up Collared Shirts

A safe choice for men is a classic button-up collared shirt, a timeless classic that balances comfort, style, and professionalism. You can start with a couple of simple white collared shirts and wear them as ease or add a blazer or tie over them.

Be Subtle With Ties

Adding ties to formal office shirts is your chance to express emotions and personality through your business attire. In the workplace, using sets of different colored ties can help you change your overall look while wearing the same ol’ suits and shirts—adding a much-needed pop of color to typical corporate attire.

60s-Inspired Mod Dresses

The sixties fashion style makes a huge comeback in the business world, and bold sixties-inspired dresses are a fun alternative to your plain office dress, allowing you to stay stylish and formal. ;

Bermuda Shorts

Black trousers or ‘Bermuda shorts’ are the ideal casual business attire for the busy millennial, serving as the perfect transition to the warmer weather attire. All you need is to pair it with a decent collared blouse and a sharp blazer, and you’ll be ready to dominate both the office and night out with friends.

Leathers in Color

Pastels are a huge trend in the fashion world nowadays, and combining that with the buttery and gorgeous leathers that have become all the rage in the industry brings with you sophisticated pieces. Vivid jackets are the perfect pop of color every millennial worker needs to wear at the office, bringing life to any outfit.

A significant advantage of the smart casual dress code besides its flexibility is its ability to make millennials happy, encouraging them to dress how they want yet still look professional, improving workplace productivity. Additionally, having this laid back dress code regulation can be a huge selling point for potential new hires.

Any of the attires mentioned are the perfect balance of ‘looking the part’ and allowing employees to dress comfortably and appropriately for the workplace, encouraging millennials to be unique and individualistic.

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