Common Electrical Problems in Your Home and Their Solutions

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One of the most frustrating issues you can deal with in your home is an electrical problem. While you may think that you can ignore a small problem, it can lead to a lot of dangers, such as house fires. Therefore, you need to know how to address and fix such issues quickly. Here are some common electrical issues in a home and how to fix them.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

If you notice the circuit breaker keeps tripping, then it may have noticed some issues with the current circuit. Designed to protect your home, the circuit breaker trips or stops working if something is not right with the current flow.

This problem is easy to fix. You need to go to your home’s main electrical panel to access the main switch. For modern breakers, you will see the main switch is partly turned off after tripping. On the other hand, this switch is completely turned off in old panels. All you need to do is to switch it back on. However, you may need to consult an electrician if the problem persists.

Wires Sticking Out From Outlets

As houses age, so do the wires. These wires become inefficient and even stick out from outlets. You can reduce any potential damage by securely taping these cables. However, the tape can lose its adhesiveness, which means that it will peel off, so it will not completely fix your problem. So, if the wires were to come out again, it could lead to hazards such as house fires. Ensure the cables are tightly secured or find a reliable electrical company to get your sockets rewired. Whether you live in Salt Lake City or Boston, professional electricians are available to service your home.

Frequent Light Bulb Burnouts

light bulb

If you notice that you change your light bulbs more than you should, it may not be because you are buying faulty light bulbs. There could be several problems that cause light bulb burnouts, such as improper air circulation, tightly fixed bulb, and high voltage. You can take a look at the holder to see if it is depleted or loose. However, if there seems to be no problem, but you are dealing with frequent burnouts, you need to talk to an electrician.

Aluminum Wiring

Many old homes have aluminum wiring, and it is the reason many house fires started. Aluminum is more prone to oxidation when it conducts electricity, so when it touches combustible materials, such as plastic or wood, it creates a high risk for electrical fires. That is why many newer homes use copper wiring. You can find an electrician to properly replace your home’s aluminum wiring with copper wiring to lower the risk of potential electrical fires.

High Electricity Bills

If you consume less power yet have high electricity bills, many things could be wrong. For instance, there might be a leak in your electrical systems, or your house’s circuit and wiring are damaged. The power supplier may also not be cost-effective. Consulting a professional can help you find the cause of your abnormally high electricity bill.

You mustn’t ignore any signs of electricity issues in your home. You need to find the cause and fix it immediately to avoid serious damages and injuries.

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