Centrifugal Compressor: A Closer Look at Its Functions

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The basic use of a compressor is to increase air pressure which in turn provides favorable conditions for combustion and expansion of hot gases through a turbine. It is very easy to miss the reason these dynamic compressors are important to such complex machinery, many people brush it off and doubting why an engine even needs it in the first place.

However, without one, the engine will never be able to develop static thrust, which is the basic core of every machinery. Engines that do not integrate compressors or turbines into their systems must rely on the compressed air coming from the inlet alone. While some engineers do that, this method usually takes longer because it cannot start until it reaches transonic speeds.

For this reason, any active engineer needs to know the basics of a compressor and what it can offer its system in return. Centrifugal compressors are one of the most commonly used for any machinery and rightfully so.

Here four reasons you should go centrifugal.

  1. It is highly reliable.

With regular compressors, when you try to contact compression elements they tend to be subject to wear. Aside from this they also have very limited rotating element life and have designed-in wearing items that generate aftermarket revenues. Centrifugal compressors in return have been proven to have longer mean time in between failures (MTBF) than any other compressor. Independent research has shown an industry-leading percentage of availability with 99.7 percent.

  1. It gives you optimum control.

Centrifugal compressor

Upon using a turbo compressor, you will be surprised to find out it features an inlet guide vane control while also giving you the option of consistent gas delivery. Apart from this feature, most centrifugal compressors also have an automatic operation system maximized for most conditions as well as PLC control systems available for ease of convenience.

  1. It is low maintenance.

As a mechanical engineer with many things on their plate all at once, you don’t want to cause more trouble for yourself. The convenience of having centrifugal compressors in your machine will give you the privilege of not worrying about having complicated upkeep, much like how care-free you will be with services like a building commissioning.

  1. It is vibration-free.

Other compressors usually require a large and deep foundation to compensate for the heavyweight and unbalanced forces at hand. But with centrifugal compressors, you only need a single pad suitable for supporting the static weight of your package. As they have essentially no vibration, they do not need to have extra precautions taken to prevent the transmission of vibrations which can cause more complications.

While there are many other things to consider as a mechanical engineer, choosing the right compressor for your system is one of those things you can’t do with bare minimum effort. As it can be considered the backbone of any project, you should only stick with the best and let the results speak for itself. You may consult professionals to help you find the right compressor for your machinery.

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