Camping Trips Are Fun When You’re Well-prepared

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Everyone will agree that we’ve all spent way too much time just glued to our living rooms and having nowhere else to go but stay inside for the majority of the year; it was bearable the first few weeks, but these past few months have just been too much. And it’s the reason why so many people are taking this opportunity to give themselves a break, embrace the outdoors once again, and try fun activities like travel and adventure, especially in the form of camping.

However, when words turn to actions, far too many people are guilty of misrepresenting camping in their heads, thinking that it will immediately feel like heaven when, in reality, they have the slightest idea of what to do and how to have fun. And in order to help fill this gap in expert know-how on camping skills and where all the excitement does come from, we’ll be going over some of the common reasons that are holding your camping trip back.

You’re Shorthanded On Equipment For Fun Activities

Firstly, a fun camping trip always begins with being well-prepared, and even if you might think you’ve covered all the bases for necessary camping supplies such as food, shelter, and general safety, equipment meant for fun is an entirely different ordeal. You see, a tent for you and your buddies isn’t going to provide you with outdoor games, and while the experience is one thing, you wouldn’t want to spend your time outside just idle. 

  • Bring A Mountain Bike For Your Trails: An excellent way to spice up your camping experience is by bringing along a mountain bike for your trails and little adventures across the great outdoors. And while it might seem like quite the heavy package, we can guarantee that you’ll have plenty of fun just cruising around with your buddies. Plus, if you’re more than willing to shell out an investment for an upgraded version, you could pool some funds to get a utility terrain vehicle for all your camping needs.
  • Try Fly-Fishing For The First Time: Fishing is among the most fun skills you could learn while camping outside, and if you’ve been looking for a new hobby, then we strongly suggest you try fly-fishing. There’s nothing better than hauling a huge catch and preparing a meal from your hard work, and apart from the food aspect, it also doubles down as a full-body workout. You can even turn it into a mini-tournament between a couple of friends to see who can reel in the best catch of the day.
  • Challenge Your Buddies To A Cook-Off: While you might not have a complete kitchen setup at your disposal, challenging your buddies to a cook-off with the limited supplies on hand is some of the best fun you could have while camping. Sure, we’re not expecting a full gourmet fine-dining experience, but resourcefulness is what brings it all together. In fact, some might even argue that the experience makes the food taste better.
  • Play Some Songs By The Campfire: Sometimes, all it takes to get everyone into the mood is playing a couple of songs by the campfire while gazing at the stars under the moonlight. And if you or any of your friends have quite the talent singing or playing the guitar, then we suggest that you pack your instruments along with everything else. And be it autumn or a winter camping trip for December, we can guarantee that music is a must-have.

It’s All About Relaxing And Disconnecting


In addition to being well-prepared, a lot of the fun also comes from how you view the entire camping experience, and if you’re far too busy thinking about other things like work and deadlines, then don’t expect any fun to come from the trip. Remember, embracing the outdoors is all about relaxing and disconnecting yourself from everything that’s stressing you out, so try to focus on letting go for just this once. 

  • Take Things Slow And Bide Your Time: Although there will be moments when you need to pick up the pace, like when it suddenly rains or if someone isn’t watching over the grill, it’s always better to take things slow when camping. You’re in no rush to feel the fun or gather the experience, so just take everything in one step at a time and live in the moment.
  • Open Up And Talk With Your Friends: Camping has this free-spirited nature that somehow helps people open up about their problems, and if you’ve been harboring some uncertainty in your thoughts, now’s the perfect chance to talk with your friends. Sure, it might not be the best example of having fun, but getting that weight off your shoulders is the first step to feeling better.

Camping Should Always Be Fun!

In conclusion, we firmly believe that all camping trips should be fun, and while there will be times when you’re not up for it, it’s the experience that helps you recollect your thoughts and come out stronger. So, feel free to use up all the advice mentioned above and invite your friends to do the same on your next camping trip together! 

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