Achieving Structurally Stable Buildings: The Dos

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The collapse of a building claims lives and causes severe injuries to the survivors. Only the lucky ones escape with minor injuries. It also leads to substantial property losses causing the owners to suffer economically. Instability is a major cause of the collapse of most buildings. Therefore, the stability of a building should be enhanced by using quality construction materials and equipment.

Carry out a soil test:

Performing a soil test before starting any construction work helps to determine the bearing capacity of the soil. Seeking the services of a geotechnical engineer to perform the test is, therefore, necessary. Lose soil may require to be compacted. There are companies that sell small soil compactors that you may purchase or hire for your construction needs. They also test the chemical and physical composition of different soil layers. For example, if the test shows the presence of sulphur in the soil, sulphur-resistant cement is used in the construction of the foundation as a protective measure.

Soil analysis also shows the soil’s settlement rate, which determines the stability of a building. The water table level is determined during soil testing. It shows the measure of humidity within the foundation and the likely problems the humidity poses to the foundation. Besides, soil analysis helps to determine the depth and length of pillars to be used in the laying of the building’s foundation. Structural engineers, therefore, use the soil test results from geotechnical engineers to design a suitable foundation for your building.

Additionally, the height of the building and construction materials to be used are also determined by the test results. Soil analysis is, therefore, key to a successful construction project.

Availability of construction equipment:

Securing the required tools for your construction project is important. Tools and machinery not only help in making work easier but also help in achieving quality work. A soil compactor compresses the construction soil, thereby, increasing its shear strength. Compaction reduces its compressibility and permeability, making it difficult for water to flow through it.

A concrete mixer helps in making perfectly mixed concrete for construction purposes. It does so by efficiently mixing, fine and coarse aggregate, cement, and water. Some equipment like concrete mixers are expensive and should be hired to cut costs. Those that are relatively cheap and frequently used like hammers and hand saws should be bought. The use of the state of art technology in building construction guarantees a durable and strong building.

Hire construction professionals:

businessman shaking hands with contractorsSeeking the services of professional architects, structural engineers, and contractors is essential for achieving quality results. They should be registered, reputable, and experienced. An architect designs a stable and functional building. Moreover, they offer professional advice to engineers working on the project. A structural engineer designs efficient structures. Such include the design of a building’s foundation that can withstand the weight of the building.

Aside from that, they also advise on proper construction methods from the beginning to the end of the construction project. A competent building contractor, on the other hand, meets all the equipment, labour, and material requirements for the project. Firm adherence to the designs and specifications from structural engineers and architects prevents the collapsing of buildings.


A stable building is achieved by the combined efforts of a variety of professionals who make the right decisions from the inception to the completion of a building project. Quality building materials and equipment also aid in the construction of a stable building.

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