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Smile for the Camera: Complete Your Fashionable Looks With A Healthy Smile

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Fashion doesn’t just concern clothes; sometimes a radiant smile is just as important as your outfit. Unfortunately, dental care is something most people easily overlook. It’s time for you to change that habit and start taking care of your own teeth.

Currently, there’s one particular problem on the rise that’s threatening to ruin your smile. Fortunately, there’s also an easy fix to it. With all this time on your hands, consider putting your dental care higher up on your priority list. It’ll surely be worthwhile.

The Truth About Teeth

With more than a quarter of U.S. adults living with untreated tooth decay, dental care is still a pressing issue even in the midst of the global pandemic. Moreover, certain dental conditions can prove to have immediate health risks and should be urgently attended to.

Having poor oral health can be linked to various chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. You should still schedule regular visits to your general dentist’s clinic, especially as lockdowns and shelter-in-place measures continue to ease. Doing so can potentially help you identify these illnesses during their earlier stages.

There are particular cases, on the other hand, that can be considered less urgent. Most of these conditions primarily lead to cosmetic issues. Not only can these problems ruin your beautiful smile, but leaving them untreated can also prove to have negative effects in the long run. One such problem that’s been on the rise among dental patients is having chipped teeth.

Flawlessly Beaming

Getting a chipped or broken tooth is a lot more common in people who live hyperactive and adventurous lifestyles. This is usually caused by falling, receiving a hit on the face, or biting down on something hard. Recently, however, the circumstances for receiving a chipped tooth have changed.

Dentists have seen an unexpected surge in chipped and cracked teeth throughout the duration of the pandemic. Many believe that this is due to the extreme amounts of stress and anxiety people have been feeling, given the unfortunate circumstances.

All of this stress can lead you to grind their teeth or clench their jaw. These simple acts can easily cause a tooth to chip, especially if it already has some decay. Often, these can happen subconsciously or in your sleep. In fact, more than 70% of dentists have noticed an increase in their number of patients who have teeth-grinding or clenching problems.

Regardless, you shouldn’t let this little issue get in the way of your perfect smile. There are plenty of treatments for chipped teeth, depending on the severity of the damage. If you ever find yourself with a chipped tooth, here’s what your dentist can do for you.

A Quick Fix

If only a very small piece of your tooth or tooth enamel has been chipped off, this can be considered minimal damage. Your dentist can easily fix this by applying a dental filling to the tooth, specifically if it’s not in a place that’s too obvious.

Problems with your front tooth, or other areas where the chip can easily be seen, will usually lead dentists to do a bonding procedure. This is also a fairly quick procedure that doesn’t require any numbing. The dentist will etch the surface of your tooth to apply an adhesive and a resin, which will be shaped to make it look like a natural tooth.

Necessary Replacement

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For more significant amounts of damage, dental veneers are usually required. This is usually made from ceramic or porcelain to give your chipped tooth a new front. The idea is similar to how false fingernails function.

The process is similar to bonding, but this won’t be accomplished in a single day. First, the dentist will remove a tiny amount of enamel from your tooth’s surface and then make an impression to serve as a reference for the veneer. It’ll usually take a week or two for the veneer to be completed. Once it’s ready, the dentist will etch your tooth, apply a special cement, and put the veneer in position.

All Smiles

Most people say that the first thing they notice about others is their smile. Everyone has been fixated on teeth whitening for so long, but achieving that perfect smile takes more than just getting a nice set of pearly whites. It involves developing a lot of awareness about your oral health.

Coupling your best outfits with a clean, healthy-looking smile will definitely serve to elevate any look you’ll put together. In fact, taking care of your teeth is much easier than you’d expect. In the event of cosmetic mishaps, like the surge in chipped teeth, you can easily visit your dentist to regain that perfect smile. Just don’t skip out on your dental care at any cost.

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