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Wood Floor Installation: DIY or Hire Pros?

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are becoming more and more popular among homeowners these days. From simple room decorating projects to full-blown renovations, homeowners have the option to do things on their own. But for some tasks, such as wood floor installation, you have to weigh carefully the pros and cons of going the DIY route and hiring experts.

For one, you need to take into consideration the type of wood flooring material you plan to install and if you have the necessary skills. To figure out whether you should handle this task yourself or have the pros do it, keep in mind the following things.

What Floor Type Are You Going to Work With?

Take note that the amount of work and time you will spend on the installation process will depend on the wood material that you have. Laminated and engineered are the easiest to work with. Both can lock together without the need for special tools. As long as you line the panels properly, it will be easy to put them together.

However, if you have solid hardwood, this requires more skills to build, as there is a series of processes involved. Unlike with engineered or laminated materials, you have to nail hardwood panels together to keep them in place. That is why it is best to have the experts handle the installation of your hardwood floor in Orange County. This is to ensure that it is done correctly.

What Is Your Budget for the Project?

For most remodeling projects, money has the biggest impact on homeowners’ decision to go the DIY route. This is understandable since there is always a limit to the amount you can spare. The best way to look at it is rather than focusing on the upfront cost, think long-term.

By doing so, you can determine whether the result of your DIY project will offer more value for your money or not. Many homeowners tend to overlook this fact, only realizing it when it is already too late.

What Skills Do You Have?

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If you choose to go for DIY, you need to have at least the basic skills and knowledge on floor installation. This is crucial in the completion of the project. The simple task of identifying the tools and the step-by-step process can go a long way. If you are not confident with your skills, maybe it is best to leave the job to the hands of the pros.

What Is Your Target Completion Date?

DIY projects are not entirely schedule-friendly. Since you are not a professional, it may take you a while to finish everything. Again, this depends on your skills. If you are doing the installation for the first time, it may take you some time. If you are conscious of finishing everything based on schedule, then it is better to hire help.

Whether you go the DIY route or not, you still need to talk to professionals to discuss and get advice on the actual process. Sometimes, it is not enough to watch or read about it. You also need expert advice on how things must be done.

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