Rebuilding a family house and adding an extension. Setting up a construction site with formwork..

What You Should be Asking Your Foundation Repair Provider

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Your home may be having foundation problems. The soil might have shifted, and your foundations settled. The moisture may be pestering your basement. The cracks are appearing at the bottom of your house’s exteriors, and the list goes on. When you see all these happen, that is the right time to call a reliable provider of concrete foundation repair. But before you find the right one, there are some filters that you need to employ. And that is what you can do by asking questions. Doing so will help you determine whether a prospective provider can quickly work on your problem or they have the right solutions for you.

You may feel awkward about this, especially if you are doing it for the first time. But you should not—after all, you are the customer! Below are some of the right questions you need to ask when looking for a provider of concrete foundation repair services in Denver.

What are the types of projects you have worked on?

It is important to know the type of projects that your possible contractor has worked on. They may be specializing in commercial projects, but they may have a hard time dealing with a residential problem. Knowing what your provider is capable of will ensure that you are getting an efficient service. When your foundation is repaired on time, you know that the provider has a reliable flow of activity. They have excellent project management skills, which help both parties save time. This is perhaps the first question you need to ask.

Can you ensure quick deployment?

You need to have a timeline, knowing that the longer a project is, the more expensive it gets. Describe your problem to the provider and ask them for a time estimate. Make sure that your description is detailed so that the provider can supply you with a viable solution. Better yet, send them pictures or have them visit the site. And just because they have given you a timeline does not mean that they will be able to commit. Have legroom for them, knowing that certain instances can affect deadlines. Give them a buffer, and make sure that they finish the work within that extended period.

Rebuilding a family house and adding an extension. Setting up a construction site with formwork..

Who are your team members?

Asking about the people who will work on the project is also necessary. You have to know their credentials and their specialization. But you can also ask how many people the supplier usually deploys for residential projects. When you are introduced to the team, you may conduct a quick background check.

Do you have a contract?

Concrete foundation repairs are intensive projects, which involve money and time. You need to protect yourself, so you have to ask if they provide their clients with a contract. Otherwise, you have a red flag. When they have a contract, make sure to read each provision carefully and ask questions to clarify some things.

Not all concrete foundation repair providers are created equal. This is why you need to ask the right questions that will filter the right and possible providers. Always be specific with your questions so that you will be given specific answers.

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