What Does Using a Pregnancy Surrogate Entail?

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What does using a pregnancy surrogate entail? How does a surrogate get pregnant? Using a pregnancy surrogate needs the intervention of an expert. You also need to know the cost of surrogacy. So, finding the right surrogacy agency is essential. The cycle involves the surrogate being placed on medication to synchronize her cycle with the intended parent if the intended parent is planning on donating her eggs to be used in creating an embryo.

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Sometimes, the egg donor might be used to provide her eggs for the cycle. The surrogate is normally subjected to birth control pills initially so that her cycle can be in synchrony with that of the egg donor. She then goes on medication referred to as lupron, which suppresses her natural cycle. After that, she is started in her estrogen to imitate the first half of a normal menstrual cycle. Once the egg donor or intended parent is being scheduled for retrieval, she is placed on her progesterone, a hormone or medication that is needed for the second half of a normal woman’s menstrual cycle. The hormone helps in supporting the pregnancy.

Whenever the intended parent or egg donor is ready for retrieval, the eggs are retrieved, the sperm is fertilized, and the embryo is transferred either three or five days later to the surrogate. The transfer process is easy, and it does not need any anesthesia.


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