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Water Filtration Safeguards for Your Home’s Water Supply

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The Earth is made up of two-thirds water, but only 10% of it is safe for consumption. That makes water the most precious yet undervalued commodity in the world. What is more worse than that? Only 2% of this portable water is readily accessible.

That would partly explain the popularity of water softeners in Bountiful and why its people go to great lengths to secure a safe water supply for their home. Thanks to the availability of these devices, Utah residents have one less problem to worry about.

You too can join the ranks of happy homeowners and avoid a water crisis. Here’s how:

Tap rainwater

Free and available at certain times of the year, rainfall is one of the best sources of water. Depending on the size and shape of your roof, harvesting rainwater is easy. You only need to install a system of gutters that direct the water to a storage tank.

While rainwater is relatively safe, drinking it straight from the tap is not advisable since it could endanger your health. The water that washes off your roof could collect contaminants, such as bird poop and other things that could carry bacteria, parasites, and viruses, before it reaches your storage tanks. Unfortunately, there’s no way to harvest rainwater without having it come into contact with contaminants.

What could be portable water is now infused with germs, dirt, dust, leaves, and fecal matter that collect in the pipes and gutters. It’s advisable to use a filter to clear out these contaminants from your drinking water. Thanks to modern technology, there is a range of affordable water filters on the market that will clear them away quickly.

Harness multiple water sources

available water resources

If there’s a spring, river, or small lake near your property, you don’t have to depend on the expensive water supply from your city. With the right filtering equipment, you can supply your household with clean and safe drinking water at a fraction of the cost. Doing so lowers your utility bills, which lets you channel your money to better causes.

The same case applies when you have a well on your property. In areas with large swathes of land under agriculture, water from wells is not safe for human consumption. In most cases, such water contains high amounts of nitrate and other harmful organic solvents. That forces many households to spend up to 10% of their income on potable water.

With the help of a filtering service, you can turn water from just about any source into potable drinking water. Modern filtering technology lets you filter out microbes as well as the dangerous heavy metals from your drinking water.

Due to intensive agricultural and industrial activities, the potable water in some parts of the country contains some form of impurities. Such developments limit your ability to use most of the readily available water. With the help of a reputable filtering service, you can rectify this problem. All you need is to use water from just about any source (as long as it is safe) and make it safe for drinking and domestic use.


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