Walk-in Closet Organization: Tips to Maximize Your Clothing Space

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Do you have a walk-in closet? If yes, lucky you! But you’re probably wondering how to make your closet look like an expensive boutique at the mall. If you’re having a hard time keeping things organized, you’ve come to the right place.

Many of us may have already binged watched a home organization show at some point, and after some time, we end up realizing that our own organization techniques are not enough. Your cluttered and disorganized closet can’t be fixed by a quick trip to the container store. You can’t just throw your stuff in one box and expect your wardrobe to look aesthetic.

That said, let’s talk about the best ways to keep your closet organized, according to experts.

modern styled walk-in in closet

Where to Start

The first thing to do is to completely empty your closet and remove every item, including those you no longer use. Start from the bottom to remove your shoes and all the clutter you have accumulated over the past few years. And lastly, remove your clothes from the cabinets.

After clearing out everything, clean the closet thoroughly, wipe everything and disinfect your cabinets and shelves. Vacuum the floors to remove all the dust and dirt in your closet.

Declutter and Decide What to Eliminate

Admit it. You don’t wear some of your clothes and shoes anymore. To organize your closet properly, here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • Does this shirt still fit me?
  • When was the last time I wore this?
  • Is this damaged?
  • Can I donate this?
  • Do I still need this pair of shoes?

Sort your possession by placing each item in three different piles: donate, throw away, and keep. This is why emptying your closet is essential. It allows you to thoroughly inspect everything to ensure a more organized and functional wardrobe.

Storage and Closet Organization Ideas

Labeling Is the Key

Make your closet more organized by putting a label on drawers or shelves. You can either create your own design of label for “shoes,” “bags,” or “underwear.” But if you want it to look more sophisticated, you may want to consider¬†customized metal signs. They can make your whole closet look aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they are very durable.

Use Hooks for Hanging Items

If you need more space, you can use hooks at the back of your closet door for extra storage. You can use this space to hang your belts, neckties, sling bags, or anything that you can’t store in the drawer.

Reuse Your Old Shoe Boxes

Do you want to make your drawers look more organized? Give your items their “mini” personal spaces by using your shoe boxes are dividers. This is an effective DIY drawer organization technique that helps you keep things in place. In addition, it creates a more sophisticated look as you can easily spot the items you’re looking for.

Keep Your Clothes for Different Seasons in Containers

It’s not always winter, and it won’t always be summer. Hence, some of your clothes will most likely sit in the closet untouched for quite some time. If winter is about to end, get ready to gather all your winter clothes and put them in one container. (Pro tip: Don’t forget to put a label.)

Doing this will give you more space in your cabinets and drawers for the clothes you can wear for the upcoming season.

Organize Your Jewelry

Don’t leave your jewelry lying on the top of the table. Give them their own spaces so that they don’t get dirty and dusty. You can always buy an organizer box at the store, but it will be ideal if you look for some household items you can use, such as ice trays or empty lotion tubs.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors can make any space appear bigger. The good news is that you have so many options, you can use full-body mirrors, circular ones, and mirrors with odd shapes to give your closet a unique personality.

Aside from the fact that the reflection of a mirror can make your closet look bigger, it can also make it appear more open. Besides, you need to know how you look after dressing up, so a mirror is definitely a closet must-have!

Get a Container for Random Items

There are probably some items in your closet that you need but barely use. These items may include hats, gloves, or accessories. And while you might think that they are unnecessary, it’s still vital to keep them organized. Put them all in one container so you can easily find them anytime you want.

Waking up to an organized closet is one of the benefits of proper closet organization. By keeping things in order, you will no longer waste your time looking for a pair of socks, your favorite necklace, or your swimsuit. Who knows, this could be a start so you can start organizing your entire house.


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