Visiting the Emerald City: More than Coffee, Culture and Scenery

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The beauty of Seattle lies in its attractions, people, culture, art, and more. This is the place you should head to when you want to see mountains, water, parks, nightclubs and coffee shops. It’s a fantastic place because you can see different things when you visit so you can enjoy numerous activities with your friends and family. Here are some of the exciting places in Seattle.

Top Landmarks

It’s hard to miss the hotels near the Space Needle, Seattle Center. You can experience Seattle and stay here, but you could also treat yourself and your family to world-class accommodations and amenities. Plus, you can visit the Space Needle. The best part of staying here is that you could also see Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains from the observation area.

Coffee is Seattle’s Best

Since you’re in Seattle, don’t miss the coffee. Seattle is one of the many places where coffee culture started and is known as the center of coffee roasting and coffee supply management. Try as many coffee drinks as you can, and make sure you pair that with a popular pastry to experience coffee culture in Seattle.

Art in Seattle

The art scene in Seattle is impressive. This is the place where Dale Chihuly, a renowned glass artist comes from. You can visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Showcases and see some of his best works. Also, there are more art galleries in the Seattle area, with artists exploring modern art.

Outdoor Activities and Festivals


Watching a festival is one way to immerse yourself in a different culture. Seattle is the home of grunge rock, and there are many music festivals that feature indie and alternative music bands. Seattle is home for many legends, with big names in music like Nirvana, Heart, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix starting their musical careers here.

Seattle also celebrates food and drink, with the Oktoberfest and Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Seattle doesn’t see much warm weather as other places, but there are outdoor activities to try all year-round. The City offers travelers and tourists activities like hiking, sailing, canoeing, and fishing.

Making the Most of Seattle

Seattle is a place where you can engage in many activities. The place offers diverse attractions, so you’ll never run out of things to do. Nature lovers can go to the ocean, rainforest, volcano, farmlands, and more outside the City. You can even go whale watching.

Lastly, the number of attractions is overwhelming, so choosing which places to go can help you make the most of your stay. That said, you should check out Pike Place Market, Ballard Locks, the Gum Wall, and Fremont Troll. You can also squeeze in the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium for the kids and kids at heart.

You’d be “Sleepless in Seattle” with all the City has to offer, so exercise your time management to maximize your trip to the Emerald City. Remember to stay in a hotel that will give you the opportunity to relax and see the best places in the City.

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