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Types of Security Mechanisms for Wooden Garage Doors

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Most homeowners will take several steps to ensure that their curb looks inviting and beautiful. To most people, this means planting and tending to beautiful flowers, keeping the grass trimmed and the fence clean, and choosing the right exterior color. These steps undoubtedly paint your property in the best possible light, but they are not enough. One element that will make or break your curb appeal is the garage door you choose.

Wooden garage door installation is currently the best choice for homeowners in Perth and other locations. These match virtually all landscapes and are easy to maintain. The wooden door can also be automated using a door opener to ease its opening and closing.

Some homeowners think that wooden doors can be easily broken down and will become the Achilles’ heel of their home’s security. Even so, technology now has several alternatives for boosting the security of a wooden garage door.

Alarm Systems

The reduction of your property’s burglary risk revolves around the drawing of attention to an intruder’s actions. Thieves are in constant fear of detection, and they are always on their guard. Installing an alarm system with a loud siren or alarm often scares even the bravest of intruders. Modern alarm systems come with different sensors that will set off an alarm when triggered.

The most common sensors include pressure, motion, and infrared sensors. These sensors also stop the closing of your garage door if they detect an object around it. This averts the crushing of pets and children under the weight of your door.

Door Timers

Busy lives are the norm in most places nowadays. You might be too preoccupied to remember to close your garage door after you drive out and leave your home open to intruders. A door timer is designed to automatically close your door after you pass. This assures you that your garage door is closed even on those busy days when you forget most things.

Door Shield

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Some people can open your garage door by wedging a gap between its weather seal and release the emergency release using something as simple as a clothes hanger. With this realization, most homeowners use zip ties to reinforce their weather seal. These, unfortunately, interfere with the doors’ emergency release mechanism. Your best choice is the installation of a door shield. This attaches to your door and locks access to its emergency release from the outside.

Door Lock Reinforcer

This is a plate that will fit around your garage’s doorknob. It distributes the force of a battering or kick and averts the splintering of wood around the lock. With a door lock reinforcer, it is challenging, if not altogether impossible, to kick in your wooden garage door.

The installation of the above security mechanisms is in no way as easy as some manufacturers will make you believe. You should get a professional to install them to ensure that the mechanisms work as they should. The garage door expert will also evaluate your security concerns and recommend what mechanism will work best for your property.

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