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Trendy and Affordable Gadgets to Explore for 2021

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The pandemic has prompted many changes in our world today. And many of those changes have been difficult to adjust to. Prolonged isolation has tampered with our biological clocks and sleeping patterns. It’s also forced us to work remotely, which many of us had never done before the pandemic. The following is a list of gadgets and accessories to help us get through the pandemic and all the new lifestyles, concerns, and quirks that come with it.

Hand sanitizer dispenser for your car

Fight the spread of germs even as you drive with the CARhandGEL Dispenser by Halmo. The first-hand sanitizer dispenser designed specifically for cars, it stores up to 150mL of hand sanitizer. It’s designed to fit into most cup holders, so it’s an ideal accessory for personal, rented, or newly bought vehicles from no credit car dealers.

Work from home gadgets

Now that plenty of us are working from home, we must invest in ergonomic equipment to minimize injuries and body pains. The desk you’re working on, for instance, could be too low to be considered ergonomic. Your screen should be at or slightly below eye level to avoid neck and back pains from crouching. Use a laptop stand; the bottom can be meshed to keep your device ventilated when it gets warm.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common affliction among desk workers, particularly those who have to do a lot of typing and computer work. It happens when excessive pressure is applied onto the median nerve, which runs along the length of your arm. Using a mouse cushion can help reduce your risks of getting CTS as it’s geared towards putting less strain on your wrists as you work.

Sleep inducers

Since the pandemic struck, many of us have been struggling to get enough hours of sleep due to heightened anxiety and depression.

The Dodow Sleep Aid Device is geared towards helping us fight our Coronasomnia. It’s a dish-shaped device that’s essentially a metronome. Put it on your bedside table and turn the lights out in your room. The device will guide you through a breathing exercise that you choose to be either 8 or 20 minutes long by projecting light onto your ceiling. Simply follow the machine and breathe in as the beam of light expands and exhale as it shrinks. The Dodow will automatically shut off at the end of the exercise.

Breath awareness is a key component in meditation, and it’s exactly what Dodow is trying to promote. By helping you become aware of and control your breathing pattern, the device helps you feel calmer, aiding in your sleep.

alarm clock

Sunrise alarm clock

Nobody likes waking up to a traditional alarm – the kind that jolts you awake with a loud noise that you’ll soon grow to hate. Some people even suffer from alarm anxiety – when setting their alarms causes them to lose sleep because of the awareness that it’s going to go off. In such cases, people have difficulty falling asleep because they’ve set the alarm. They can also wake up hours before their alarm is scheduled to go off and then won’t be able to go back to sleep.

One of the ways to fix this is by investing in a sunrise alarm clock. Rather than abruptly waking you up with a blaring noise, a sunrise alarm clock wakes you up with gradual light changes meant to mimic the sunrise. If you need help falling asleep, the device also works as a bedside lamp that you can program to gradually dim as you settle into bed. Sunrise alarm clocks also wake you up with gentle, natural sounds that you can choose between. Rather than an anxiety-inducing alarm noise, you can wake up to the gentle sound of ocean waves or birdsong.

Smart coffee maker

But, let’s say that you woke up late and won’t have the time to brew your morning cup of coffee. Or maybe you want to lie in bed for a little bit longer. A smart coffee maker might be your ultimate work-from-home partner-in-crime. You’ll be able to brew your coffee while you’re still in bed! A smart coffee maker can be compatible with Alexa, so you can voice command your morning brew. Customize and schedule servings to your liking and enjoy your best brews with minimal effort. A heating plate keeps your coffee warm for two hours before automatically turning off. The coffee machine also reminds you when it’s due for a cleaning.

Lifestyle changes are easier to deal with and adjust to with the right gadgets and accessories. Get your sleeping patterns back on track, build your best home office, and fight the spread of the virus with the items we’ve listed.

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