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Traveling with a Child This Spring? Here Are 3 Handy Packing Tips

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From all the dread, confusion, and anxiety of the previous year, people deserve some cautious but fun break especially now that spring is just around the corner.

But travelling these days, even if it’s just a short trip, is far different from the other years. Besides knowing the health regulations of your destination, you need to get your packing right. Otherwise, you may not have plenty of chances to buy the stuff you forget.

For moms and dads out there, these are three handy packing tips for baby’s clothing and essentials:

1. Check the Weather First

To be clear, weather forecasts are not set in stone, but often, the estimates are correct or close enough. Checking whether it’s sunny or not in your destination is also important in places like the UK.

In London, for example, the beginning of spring is usually a combination of the remnants of the frigid temperatures of winter and the warming up of the new season. When you’re in Leeds around the same time, the weather can be more predictable.

Checking the weather also helps children stay safe when they have to be outdoors most of the time. The bodies of infants and toddlers don’t process temperatures the same way as those of adults. They can be more prone to overcooling.

During springtime, you can bring light pieces of clothing you can layer, but you need to keep cashmere hats or bonnets and mittens nearby. The brand Liberty Clothing has an extensive collection for spring this year. Find which ones will look cool for your baby.

2. Always Have a Carry-On

Whether you’re riding a plane, driving a vehicle, taking a train, or sightseeing, have a carry-on bag nearby. This contains all the must-haves for your baby:

  • Food (preferably dry snacks like small biscuits to avoid spilling)
  • Medications and vitamins
  • Extra clothes because kids can be active or they can become messy anytime
  • Enough milk to last them the whole day
  • Materials for activity, such as books, music, and crayons
  • Gadgets like iPads, laptops, and an extra mobile phone (although you have to limit their screen time)

You may ask, though: why can’t you bring an entire can of milk? Unless you’re less likely to find the brand you need, you can always head to the grocery to buy this supply. The same thing goes with liquid food. This way, too, you can travel light.

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3. Use Smart Packing Techniques

When you’re travelling with a child, you can expect to bring more items than you probably did when you’re single or newly married. You may add one whole luggage and then a carry-on.

But what if you have to bring more stuff? This is where smart packing techniques become helpful.

One of the most popular options is the rolling method. This strategy helps you pack more clothes in a limited space and prevent them from wrinkling. You can also roll the clothing and accessories your baby will have to wear each day. This way, you have one less thing to worry about every time your family has to go out.

Another style is to separate the clothes to wear per day with a large Ziploc bag. It’s a good idea when you need to pack their shoes on the same luggage. The bag protects the clothes from getting dirty.

Moreover, when you accumulate dirty clothing and you don’t have the time to wash them before you go back, you can place them neatly inside each of these bags. In turn, you also separate the clean ones.

Unless you’re attending a formal affair to your destination, you don’t need to worry too much about clothes being tossed around inside the luggage. If they ever get wrinkled, there’s a good chance that your accommodation has an ironing service or supply.

Now, Should You Bring a Pushchair or Not?

This all depends on you, but your decision will be based on pros and cons. While tagging along a pushchair ensures you won’t have to wear the baby at all times, this equipment often counts as another luggage. It means you’ll spend more on your travel. Second, they are bulky to carry around.

When you really need to have a pushchair but don’t want the hassle of bringing it with you at all times, you can look for shops that rent these. Note, though, that these businesses may not exist in less-touristy areas.

Usually, people don’t travel spontaneously, especially at these times. As a family, plan it well. But while you’re at it, include packing ideas for your child in your discussions.

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