Transform Your Backyard into a Resort for an Instant Vacation

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You have a huge backyard, but do you think it is being utilized to its full potential? When you are bored and no longer excited to hang out in your outdoor space, maybe it is time to give it an upgrade.

Contact a landscape contractor in Minneapolis and talk about making these luxurious and relaxing additions into your backyard.

Hang a Cozy Hammock by the Tree

An easy upgrade that you can do to your backyard is to hang a hammock where you can lie down under a tree’s shade. While this fix is simple and affordable, trust us when we say it is going to be your favorite spot in your entire backyard, especially in the summer when you can enjoy the warm sunlight and cool breeze outside. It will also be the perfect set up for you to read your book quietly or take an afternoon nap. Hang it between two sturdy trees, then add a pillow for maximum comfort.

Add Tropical Plants

Inspired by your favorite tropical destinations, surround your property with plants that take you back to Bali or Hawaii. Plants with big leaves like small palms and bright colors like bird of paradise will transform your backyard into a popular tropical destination. You can ask your local gardeners which tropical-looking plants will suit your climate.

Pool-Side Seating

Take out the boring plastic chairs and replace them with lounges. Go for pieces that look comfortable and luxurious. Lounges that are designed to be half-submerged in the water is currently popular among resort and hotels all over the world. Seating made from wood will also add tropical vibes to your space.

Soft Lighting at Night

The party in your backyard does not end when the sun goes down. Install soft outdoor lighting to make the space look romantic and serene. Hanging lanterns and downcast wall lights help control the brightness without making the place too dark. For a party, go ahead and light some tiki torches to make you and your guests feel like you really have been transported to Hawaii.

A Firepit for Toasted Marshmallows


If you have young children, they will enjoy a firepit. You can light it up on weekend nights so you can sit around and tell ghost stories while you toast some marshmallows. A firepit can also provide you with warmth during cool summer nights when you want to hang out with your family and friends outside. Do not forget to add seating areas complete with throw pillows and blankets to keep you cozy.

Say Yes to a Bar

Finally, one surefire way to lure you into spending more time in your backyard is your very own bar. You can set up a mobile drinks cart that has all your favorite beverages within reach or go all out and build your own outdoor bar complete with a counter and seating.

A bar will certainly make your backyard an ideal place where you and your friends can just chill. It will also liven up your pool and barbecue parties. It can be simple or elaborate — all depending on what your budget will allow. Pallets stacked together, for example, can provide a table and seating for your guests.

When renovating your backyard, imagine how you want it to look and how you want to utilize the place. If you want to throw parties in the space, add more seating. If you want your kids to spend more time outside, dedicate areas for them to play around.

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