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Top Reasons You Should Professionally Stage Your Home

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Preparing a home for sale can be a mix of stress and excitement. If you want to make the selling process a breeze and get the right price for the house, you should consider staging your home. Staging is done to present a living space in its best look and showcase what it can offer without the need for a complete makeover. When it comes to real estate, a great first impression is vital to selling a property quickly.

Instead of the house’s interior aesthetics, focus on highlighting its bones – structure, foundation, and so on. However, that can be hard to do if there are loads of personal items and clutter sitting in the house. As a seller, you want the home hunters to see the true potential of the space, and you can do that through staging. In case you’re still unsure if staging your home is worth it, here are a few great reasons why you should do so.

1. It can make your home stand out.

Nowadays, most people search online when looking for a new home to buy. This means that the photos of your house posted online will be their basis for a first impression. But plain and dull photos won’t bring you real, serious buyers. By staging your home, you can entice homebuyers to tour the space and get into a deal. If they don’t like what they see in the photos, they will likely scroll past it. At the same time, if you own an old home, staging can make you stand out from all the other houses for sale in the area, even new construction.

2. You can sell your home faster.

If your home gets a lot of attention, there’s a higher chance that you can sell it faster. Take note that the longer your home stays on the market, the more likely its price will drop. You surely don’t want that to happen, right? According to a study by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), houses that are staged sell much faster than those that are not. On top of that, agents who are surveyed said that they also stage houses that are hard to sell. As you know, the faster you sell your house, the sooner you get the money and the less money you spend on utility payments or mortgages.

3. It provides better visualisation for buyers.

A well-stage house enables buyers to easily visualise themselves living in it. To make this happen, you can depersonalise your house. Redecorate and style the space neutrally. Paint over bright access walls with neutral tones, cover-up patterned furniture with clean fabrics, and do some rearrangements. Also, remove traces of personal hobbies and collections items displayed out in the open. Pack up those personal photos on your refrigerator, dressers, and walls, as well as your door decorations or lawn ornaments. Open up the space as much as you can so your buyers won’t have a hard time visualising themselves in the house.

4. It will make the space look well-maintained.

When buyers visit a house for sale, you can bet they’re making observations on various levels. They want to see if the house suits their requirements from a structural standpoint – the number of rooms, the interior layout, and the size. Moreover, they want to see if all parts of space are well-maintained. Buyers are attracted to living spaces with clean and quality flooring, newly painted walls, proper lighting, and cabinets in good condition. By doing basic repairs and cosmetics touches like decorating and painting, you can present the space in tip-top shape. In turn, buyers will have nothing but a great impression of the house.

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5. You can get higher offers.

A properly staged home can be sold for a higher price. If you can attract more interested buyers, you can expect that they’ll be a bidding war. A buyer who falls in love with the space is more likely to offer something higher than the asking price. Staging can create compelling online presentations, more buyer interest, and an emotional connection to your prospects. With that, you can expect buyers will make sure to get the space.

Home staging is something worth considering, especially if you need the money for your move. Spend time and effort in making the house look more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for potential buyers. Lastly, don’t hesitate to seek the help of professionals to ensure your house will be properly staged. Stage your home now and make the selling process a pleasant experience.

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