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Top Pets That You Can Have in Your Apartment

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Having pets with you has its benefits, especially if you are living alone. However, looking for a place to stay that’ll accept your beloved little critters is difficult.

Fortunately, there are a few select pet-friendly rental units that can provide an ideal space for you and your soon-to-be beloved pet. But how do you know which ones are allowed?


One of the most common pets that people have are cats. At least 94.2 people have cats living with them compared to 89.7 million dogs. What most people like about them is that you don’t need to walk them outside and are quite comfortable living inside the space. They’re even great with utilizing the vertical space which is perfect for small homes.


Meanwhile, there are several breeds of dogs that will live happily in apartment spaces. You can consider kinds such as Pug, Chihuahua, Boston, and Bichon Frise to have in your home. But if you prefer more substantial breeds, then Great Danes are perfect since they’re pretty much laid back. However, you’ll need to take them outside regularly so they can stretch their legs.


If you’re looking for smaller creatures to take care of in your apartment, then rabbits are the perfect ones for you. Although taking care of them can be an effort, you can litter train your rabbits so they can have free range of your home. However, ensure that you are rabbit-proof your home to prevent any damages.

Keep in mind that rabbits like to dig and chew. So, letting them roam around your home can lead to a few significant losses if they’re untrained. Also, rabbits need a relatively large cage. Allocate enough space to help them live happily. Hiring an experienced handyman can help create the space you need for your pets to thrive.

Before you adopt a rabbit, ensure that you spay and neuter them, so they won’t have the urge to mark down their territory.

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Another exotic pet that you can consider is ferrets. These animals are very active and social and are perfect for pet owners who love to interact with their fur babies. But due to their busy lifestyle, you need to ensure that they have enough room to release their energy.

Ferrets also love to burrow especially in small spaces. That’s why keeping your home ferret-proof is ideal especially for those living in an apartment. You need to spay and neuter your pets before bringing them into your home, too. Although most ferrets are already done with it before it gets sold as pets, it’s best to double-check it with your veterinarian to make sure that everything’s all good.


Meanwhile, if you’re into exotic pets, then reptiles are the perfect one for you. Reptiles like snakes live long and can thrive for long periods if left alone. All you need is to feed them moderately so they can get the right nutrients that they need. Since they’re cold-blooded animals, you need to ensure that they have enough light and heat to survive.

There are other pets that you can consider in your home. All you need to do is to find which ones will work best with your lifestyle so that you won’t have any problems with them in the future.

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