Top Flower Choices to Extend Your Deepest Condolences

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A funeral is one of those life events that nobody ever wants to prepare for. But sadly, the time will come for you and your loved ones to finally depart and move on. On fateful days like these, you usually prepare flowers and funeral service even if you are still mourning.

If you’ve recently lost someone if your life and plan to add your floral touches to the funeral, you can pick out flowers from our suggestions below. But if you want, you can also have funeral planning experts in Ogden take care of the hard part for you in these trying times.


Lilies are often associated with funerals. Even in the phrase, “This place smells just like a funeral (or a funeral home)”. If you do hear that phrase from someone, there are most likely lilies nearby. This flower choice suggests that the soul of departed has once again restored its innocence. In Christianity, lilies represent beauty, purity and the radiance of one’s soul. It is also believed that these same flowers were the same ones that covered the tomb of the Virgin Mary.



These flowers are often intended for romantic gestures. But they are also popular when it comes to funerals. Just like in the usual way of giving roses, it’s meaning also correlates with its color. Red roses express love, courage, and respect. Pink roses reflect grace, love, and gentleness. White roses, on the other hand, convey innocence, youthfulness, and reverence. Finally, yellow symbolizes friendship. Red and pink roses may be apt for the loss of a partner. White roses are for people who were gone too soon. While yellow is for friends you’ll miss.


In the U.S., this flower symbolizes truth. It is also recognized as a more optimistic way of honoring a deceased person who had a full life. While in a lot of European cultures, this flower is solely used for funerals. Its color also has meaning, so choose red to symbolize love. You can also go for white to convey the innocence of the departed.

Peace Lily Plant

This suggestion usually comes in a pot and is a great substitute if you don’t want to bring a flower arrangement. Similar to most of the other flowers in this list, the peace lily plant represents the rebirth of one’s soul and its innocence. This is also a good choice if you want your gift to last. It will also look good almost everywhere.


Hydrangeas are believed to symbolize genuine heartfelt emotions towards the deceased. You can bring also gift a plant version of this so it lasts longer.

Once you picked out which flowers or plant you want, you can choose how to arrange them. You can put them in floral baskets. These vary in sizes so you can choose just how much flowers you need. You can also have a standing spray made. These are usually the ones that stand near the casket and are usually harder to make. You can also make a more prominent flower arrangement in the shape of a heart, a cross or wreaths. If you want to stick to greens and longer-lasting choices, you can opt for a dish garden. Whichever way you present these flowers, they will always show your heartfelt love and appreciation for your dearly departed.

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