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Three Survivors Behind Fatal Car Crashes

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Every motorist dreads encountering an accident on the road. Car crashes are often fatal and even if some motorists survive and head to a car accident chiropractor in Lehi to recover, not all victims are as fortunate.

But, the car crash survivors on this list are something else. It’s because their accidents are over the top that it has to be a miracle that they survived. Here are some of the luckiest car crash survivors in the world.

Alan Pyrcz

Alan Pyrcz was just minding his own business when an accident almost took his life. The motorist was driving behind a semi-trailer truck absolutely certain that his life wasn’t in danger because he was driving at a normal speed and so was the truck in front of him.

However, as he looked at his rearview mirror, he noticed another semi-trailer truck that seemed to be barreling down on him. According to Pyrcz, it was moving too fast that he knew it was impossible for the driver to stop in time.

He was right. The truck drove right into him, pushing him forward against the rear of the other semi-trailer truck in front of him. The impact was so forceful that his car looked like it went through a large compressor in a junkyard — with the driver in it. Luckily, Pyrcz came out of the accident alive and only with a few injuries.

Brennan S. Eden

Brennan S. Eden, 19, was having a bit too much fun driving his car on the highway that other motorists claimed he was being reckless on the road. He was weaving through traffic on the I-675 at 100 miles per hour, not having a care in the world that he might clip another car.

But, karma came to bite him on the behind when he tried to pass a police car on the left. Eden drove on the median strip at a high speed and he lost control as he was nearing the pillars of an overhead bridge. His car hit the rail and went up in the air. The Pontiac Firebird went sideways when it hit the pillars of the overhead bridge.

When Eden crashed on the highway, his body was flung out of the car. If it were another person, they would have been dead, but not Eden. The 19-year-old survived the crash but was severely injured. It took him several months before he could walk again.


driving fast

The person with the online handle “cab591” shared his gruesome story where he and the rest of his family miraculously survived a car crash. According to him, he and his family were in a 28’ long motorhome when the accident occurred.

They were on their way home from a family reunion when a drunk driver clipped them at the front. Their RV turned over and slid on the highway for about 150 feet on its roof. When it came to a stop, cab591’s mother was found 50 feet from the RV, as she was thrown out of the vehicle. She suffered broken legs, pelvis, back, and ribs.

Cab591’s father and brothers were also injured. But the whole family survived the ordeal even though the EMTs who helped them said accidents like that usually don’t have survivors.

So, there you have it. Despite what some people believe that there’s no such thing as luck, one can’t deny that these individuals had an abundant amount of it when they encountered their accidents.

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