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These Tips Will Help You Handle Dental Emergencies

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Dental accidents can happen when you least expect it. However, you’re at a greater risk of experiencing oral problems if you’ve put off seeing your dentist for the longest time.

There are varying degrees of dental emergencies, but they are still dangerous if not addressed immediately. Here’s how quick-thinking and knowledge of proper dental first aid can help you save a tooth.

Soft-Tissue Problems

The damages to the soft skin, which includes the tongue, gums, cheeks, and lips can result in bleeding. In order to ease the bleeding, you need to do the following:

  1. Wash your mouth with a solution of a mild saltwater solution.
  2. Use a moistened gauze or tea bag to put pressure on the bleeding area. Hold for around 10–20 minutes.
  3. Put a cold compress in your cheek or mouth for around 10 minutes to ease the pain and control the bleeding.
  4. It’s best to go to your orthodontist or to an emergency room right away if the bleeding doesn’t stop. Continue applying force to the area with a gauze or tea bag until you receive treatment.


Abscesses are germs in the root of a tooth, gum or space between the tooth. It is a critical problem that can injure tissue and adjacent teeth, and the germs could perhaps spread to the body if left untreated. If your gums are swollen or very painful and you live in the Townsville area, ask to see an emergency dentist.

Meanwhile, to soothe the discomfort and the draw out pus from the exterior, wash your mouth with a solution of 8 ounces of water with half a teaspoon of table salt. You can repeat this as often as needed.

Broken Braces

Use the end of a pencil eraser to push the wire of your braces when they break or if the band sticks out and pushes against your tongue, gum, or cheek.

If you can’t get to your orthodontist immediately, you can cover the end with a gauze, cotton ball or orthodontic wax. Never cut the wire as it could cause more swelling and puncture your gums.

Knocked-Out Teeth

You can save your tooth by holding the crown and washing it off with water. Don’t scrub or remove the attached tissues. You can put your tooth back in place and be sure that it’s positioned correctly.

If you can’t return the tooth, place it in a small container with Save-A-Tooth solution, or in a small container with milk or water with a pinch of table salt.

The highest chance of a knocked-out tooth being saved is when you see your doctor right away. Knocked-out teeth can be saved within an hour after being dislodged.

Loose Brackets

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To temporarily reattach loose braces, you can apply a small amount of orthodontic wax or add cushion by applying wax. If the problem is a loose molar band, see your dentist right away so the band can be re-cemented or replaced.

In worst case scenarios where there are profuse bleeding and multiple broken teeth, have yourself taken to the emergency room for treatment.

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