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The Power of Bathrooms and Why They Can Sell a House

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Let’s say you plan to sell your home or increase its value. Then, you have the money to make some improvements. Where do you begin? Here’s a recommendation: complete bathroom renovations in Brisbane.

Not all home projects have resale value, and among those that do, only a few will give you the highest reward. A bathroom renovation is one of them. Studies revealed that the return on investment could be as high as 53%! Why do home buyers love the bathroom anyway?

Bathroom Spells Relaxation and Satisfaction

No study can give you an official answer to the question. The closest will be a 2017 remodelling impact report by the National Association of Realtors in the United States.

According to it, more than 73% of the homeowners preferred to stay at home after a renovation. About 65% said they had more fun in the house. Bathrooms, meanwhile, scored the highest in Joy score. A new one received a perfect ten, while a remodelled bathroom ranked 9.6.

It meant that bathrooms could make any homeowner satisfied with their purchase and encourage them to spend more time at home. How does the bathroom bring joy? The following might explain it:

  • Bathrooms equal relaxation – A study on mental health cited how nearly 33% of them have some mental illness. More than 30% had depression, stress, or anxiety. Factors such as poor emotion regulation, perfectionism, and self-criticism are all contributing to the rising cases. Depending on the severity of the mental problem, some might need clinical intervention. All, however, could benefit from stress relief techniques and activities. A good example is soaking in the tub. Warm water can release tension in the body and endorphins, hormones that can give feelings of euphoria. Being alone in the bathroom can also help quiet the mind.
  • Bathrooms mean privacy and me-time – The current household size in Australia is different from many years ago. Before, it used to be Mom, Dad, and two children. In a 2016 census, around 37% of them were couples with no children. Following them were couples with a child below 15 years old. Despite a smaller family size, three (or even two) is still a crowd. Everyone at home needs—and demands—privacy, which bathrooms can provide.

Renovating the Bathroom

Bathroom renovation sketchThe costs of renovating a bathroom can go as high as more than $30,000. That will already give you a luxurious spa-like amenity and experience. Being on a budget, however, doesn’t mean you cannot transform your bath into something worth selling.

To maximise your budget while increasing its resale value, the experts recommend focusing on the mirrors. Usually, the size of bathrooms doesn’t match the desire of homeowners. They want space, but most of the baths are small. Mirrors are an excellent way to give the illusion of space. You can also use them to add unique elements in the bathroom. For example, you can trade square mirrors with oval ones with brass or gold trim.

Flooring also matters in the bathroom. BHG Australia predicts that “clashing tiles” will be a trend in 2020. These are tiles with various sizes and patterns. They no longer have to match those of the walls either, creating a beautiful and exciting contrast.

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