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The Kitchen of Your Dreams: Designing Your Kitchen According to Your Lifestyle

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Modern lifestyles have driven homeowners to achieve balance and harmony in their private spaces. While the term ‘lifestyle’ serves as the foundation of how styling a home, it takes plenty of brainstorming to achieve the perfect fit. Aside from the design, you also need to consider how functionality will work according to your lifestyle.

There are records of the renowned Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier who often asks his clients to live with them for a week before designing their home. He observes the family’s daily activities, including how they gather, how they eat their meals, and the time they spend in rooms. All these observations help Le Corbusier to form a design fit for the family’s lifestyle needs.

This article will explore the three essential elements to design a kitchen according to your lifestyle, from its layout, setting, to kitchen appliances and other components. As the kitchen is the most important part of the home, you need to plan its design to make a significant impact on your daily routine. So before setting out to your new kitchen, take note of the following elements.

Orientation or setting

There are plenty of factors affecting a kitchen setting, such as the position of the windows, the number of children, time spent in cooking, and the frequency of interactions. These factors are very significant, as kitchens are not created equal, and each family uses their private spaces differently. Working out on areas where your life revolves around will create a kitchen that matches your lifestyle.

For example, parents with small children prefer having a kitchen with windows overlooking the yard. The reason behind this is that parents can keep an eye on their children while they get busy in the kitchen. Meanwhile, if you love having weekend lunches with friends, installing glass sliding doors between the deck or dining area and the kitchen ensures easier movement when entertaining guests.

For houses with plenty of adults, design a kitchen that allows a smoother flow of interaction without being isolated. While the family watches a movie in the living room, you can join in the conversation while preparing food. But for those who love planting edible plants in the yard, it is best to have a kitchen with access to the garden for easy transfer of newly harvested fruits and veggies to the kitchen counter.

Keep in mind that a great kitchen design should not only depend on its aesthetic qualities. It should also consider the flow of interactions and the connection of the family members to ensure a warm, welcoming space.

kitchen with an island


How you move inside the house plays a big role in designing the kitchen layout. A great way to do this is to think about the features you look for while planning the kitchen orientation.

For example, if you want to watch the TV while doing the dishes, installing a sink on the kitchen island will give a better view of the living room. You can also build a U-shaped kitchen for more options to place the cooktop. If you often entertain visitors, install an island benchtop to set up the buffet area easier. Your guests can sit on the stools and enjoy the appetizers while you are busy cooking. You can also face the kitchen towards the backyard garden to have a better view while enjoying a meal.


Now it’s time to focus on the essential components of the kitchen. Since kitchen appliances can be costly and come in different styles and sizes, you need to ensure that you get the scale right according to your budget and style preference.

Do you take cooking seriously? Why not find the latest generation of integrated cooktops with customizable options, from grills, wok burners, simmer plates, and standard burners? Dual ovens also make great components for multitaskers in the kitchen. A spacious, well-organized pantry is also a must-have for easier access to ingredients.

A dedicated storage space for electrical kitchen gadgets is also a great idea to store kitchen equipment in a single, organized space. This is where you can place the toasters, juicers, food processors, mixer grinders, blenders, and other electric appliances. For large families, assign an area to store large kitchen utensils, from platters, skillets, to pots.

While it may not be easy to make your dream kitchen a reality, sorting your priorities and needs can help you get started. Considering your daily lifestyle for your kitchen layout can help you find the best design that works for your kitchen. Incorporate these elements, and you will surely end up with a kitchen that does not only look good but extremely functional as well.

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