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The Importance of Having Fences

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Security is one of the main reasons people surrounded their properties with fences. Today, we find more and more ways to keep our homes secure without having to put up barriers. You may ask, is it still practical to build a fence?

Here are some of the most popular reasons it is:

Defining your property

Every homeowner should aim to define their property and set it apart from the rest of the neighborhood. And being such a classic addition, fencing your home is a subtle way to do that. It will leave no question as to which landscape features belong to which property owner.

The property also changes hands over time, so clearly defining your landscape makes for smoother relations with neighbors. For one, it will be clear who mows which grass and prunes which trees. Defining your property lets you take responsibility for your area, while letting neighbors be responsible for theirs.

Safeguard pools and ponds

In many areas around the country, you are legally required to place barriers around swimming pools on your property (although the requirements for those barriers may vary), and these laws often include barriers for ponds, as well. Taking the precaution of fencing your swimming pool may even get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Children playing outdoors in your neighborhood may spot the water feature on your property and be tempted to take a dip. Aside from ruining your ornamental pond, there are risks of drowning and other accidents.

Improve the beauty of your garden

A lot of homeowners choose certain fencing styles for aesthetic reasons. Fences can provide a stately elegance to your estate, and define your landscape theme. A picket fence will add a traditional charm to a rustic country garden, and a bamboo fence perfectly fits a Zen garden.

Fences of any kind also make great supports for vines and climbing plants. Climbing plants are among the most attractive for gardens, and having a fence gives gardeners room to grow them. Flowering plants like common jasmine and golden trumpet flowers can wonderfully envelope your fences in blooms, and be a focal point of your landscape plan. Whether you use wood, stone, chain link, wrought iron or aluminum panels for your fence, any material will surely provide support for climbing plants and a beautiful dimension to your landscaping

If your garden contains poisonous flora, such as oleander, foxglove, or castor oil plants, a fence will also keep out curious children and animals from ingesting them.

Add value to your property

black steel fence of residential house modern style Fences are a great investment. No matter how much you enjoy your home, there may come a time when you will need to sell your property. A durable, attractive, and well-built fence adds value to your property, and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. Timeless fence styles and materials will boost your home’s curb appeal. You may even incorporate the fencing costs into the asking price when you are selling your property.

Fences are classic, timeless, and practical additions to any property. They provide additional security and aesthetic appeal to your home. The poet Robert Frost truly made no mistake when he said “good fences make good neighbors.”

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