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The Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

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If you think that you drink too much, then perhaps you do. And if your loved ones have been dropping hints about alcohol treatment centers and suggesting it’s time for you to visit one, maybe you need to worry.

The UK does have a drinking culture. At least 57% of British people over the age of 16 drink alcohol. And while there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, the reality is that the British are overdoing it. Research shows that people in Britain drink 108 bottles of wine a year, which is far more than their European neighbors.

For this reason, you need to be very careful that you don’t drink excessively. Because there are many disadvantages to doing so:

   1. Alcoholic liver disease

Alcoholism can lead to liver disease. Excessive alcohol tends to cause fat buildup and inflammation.

The liver is an organ that tends to regenerate itself. Its job is to filter out toxins in the body. However, when you drink excessively over a long period, you end up harming your liver. That can lead to other health issues such as jaundice. Other symptoms that your liver is in trouble include weight loss, itchy skin, fever, body tremors, oedema, and blood in your vomit and stool.

If your liver is damaged as a result of alcohol consumption, you need to stop drinking altogether to have a chance of recovery. But if you have moved beyond that point and your live stops functioning, you might need a liver transplant.

  2. Erectile dysfunction

There is only so much fun you can have in the bedroom when you are drunk. The reality is that if you consume alcohol in large amounts, you are likely to end up dealing with erectile dysfunction. Not only will such a problem bring you a lot of embarrassment; you might also lose your partner to someone else because you can’t perform as you should.

   3. Pregnancy-related problems

There is a reason why moderate drinkers of alcohol stop drinking when pregnant or breastfeeding. Alcohol is very bad for the health of your unborn baby. It causes brain damage and developmental problems that fall under what is known as a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

  4. Heart problems

Alcohol is also bad for your heart. Alcoholism can cause heart muscle damage, which will end up causing heart failure. And if you already have cardiovascular disease, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause sudden death.

   5. Cancer

The more you drink, the higher your risk of contracting certain types of cancers. These include cancer of the liver, mouth, esophagus, and throat.

   6. Mental health problems


Drinking increases depression symptoms among people battling the condition. And research also shows that people who drink are more likely to commit self-harm.

It’s one thing to drink in moderation and another to drink excessively. Alcoholism is a serious problem that affects many people in the UK. And if you don’t want to deal with the physical and mental health issues that come about as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, you should get treatment. There are many good alcohol treatment centers. So find one that works for you and get started on leading a healthier life.

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