The Cheapest Backyard Improvement Ideas for Your Home

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While the government has started rolling out vaccines and has inoculated millions of people from the coronavirus, the pandemic is still far from over. At least, that’s how it is for many citizens who are suffering from the impact of the virus, whether on their employments, finances, or home life. In fact, experts believe that another pandemic “could come at any moment,” so maybe now is the best time to prepare your home for it. Pandemic-proof it, as they say.

With schools and economic activities returning, it feels like things are back to normal for many people. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from checking out some of the cheapest backyard ideas you can do yourself. For one, even if you’re already vaccinated against COVID-19, you should still practice social distancing and lessen the amount of time you spend outdoors. And second, the kids might be more sensitive to this new strain from the United Kingdom, so you may want to make them stay clear of hanging out in public parks and such.

But, it’s really not fair for everyone in the family to just stay in their rooms or hang around the living room. The more it isn’t fair for everyone to let them go out and risk bringing the virus home. If you ask people, one of the things they miss about going out is the thought of being outdoors. It brings such a different feeling for people not to have to look at the four corners of their homes. If you’re lucky enough to have a small extra space in the backyard, here are some cheap ways to design, renovate, and maximize it:


Spring is coming soon and with it comes the inevitable backyard barbecue parties that everyone is into pre-pandemic days. It’s still possible today as long as you follow minimum health safety protocols. All you need for a backyard barbecue area is the grill itself. It is cheaper to buy from stainless steel suppliers and make your own grill than spend a thousand bucks on one of those massive grillers that also double as a stove.

You can then place some tables and chairs around the area for your guests. Fairy lights will do the trick to make it seem like you’re sitting under the stars. With a good beer and barbecue, you’ll feel like it’s the perfect spot to spend a night.


The common misconception is that it’s expensive to build a pergola. But what really is a pergola other than a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area with pillars that support the roof? You can get a ready-made one, in fact, or make one with a sturdy open lattice and woody vines. You can leave the roof open or covered to protect the area from the weather elements. You can also choose to have it detached or attached. All you need are some beams and rafters to make the pergola.

Above-the-ground Pool

How about a pool? Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on this pool. You can buy one of those above-the-ground pools that cost around $300 in some shops. Or, you can make one yourself. If you have some masonry skills, you can put up a rectangular structure made of concrete. Then, finish these with some tiles and put the right level of water inside. Make sure there’s a way for you to drain the water from it. You can also buy some chlorine tablets to make sure the water is free from germs and viruses.

backyard pool


Adding a fire pit to your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to arrange curved paving stones in a circle (or a square, who would complain, anyway?). It’ll take 20 minutes to set up, though you need another half hour to find wood and light them up to a good fire. While you’re at it, make someone else prepare what you want to roast in the fire pit — sausages, marshmallows, and virtually anything you can think of. Gather some bean bags around the pit and exchange stories with the rest of the family. What better way to spend a night, right?

People often think of home renovations as expensive projects. They don’t need to be. They can be expensive, of course. There are more options available if you have the money for a true renovation and redesign. However, since the pandemic happened, people began experimenting with their homes and realizing that they have the skills to revamp them.

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