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Style and Comfort: Making the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

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Many people are now making the change to owning a tiny house, and the reasons vary. Some shift towards a minimalist sustainable lifestyle or are avoiding a lifetime of debt, while others prefer to have luxurious accommodation on wheels. It may also be a solution for vanishing space in cities. Whatever the reason may be, there is no excuse to give up your tiny sanctuary. Here are some ideas for your tiny deluxe bathrooms to help you relax after a long day’s work.

A Tiny Dip

A bathtub may seem like the last thing anyone would think to have in a tiny home. It will be such a sacrifice not to have one if you’re someone who enjoys having a bath bomb and wine time. This is why a Japanese soaking tub is something you can have instead of a full-size bathtub. The traditional Japanese tub is usually 20 inches and has a round shape. It has a seat inside, so you can sit down and have most of your body submerged. Many versions are available due to its popularity. Whatever it may be, there is a soaking tub that is right for you. You can have a wooden one, reminiscent of Japan in your Utah home. An acrylic soaking bathtub can match a muted color aesthetic with pops of green.

A Bath Among Greenery

Surrounding your bathroom with glorious greenery can enliven a boring space. Green is a relaxing color that can help reduce stress and anxiety. There are many factors to consider before you start moving your aerial plants. You have to take into account the lighting, temperature, and humidity. This is to know which type of plant will thrive in the room. One favorite is aloe vera. This is popular due to its antibacterial benefits and fuss-free maintenance. Spider plants are another useful but easy-to-maintain example. Not only do they look stunning, but these also aid in purifying the air in your bathroom by removing odors. Another air-purifying plant to consider is snake plants. These can help in oxygen circulation and removing air impurities.

Be light-handed when arranging your greens. Unnecessary clutter can hinder you from feeling calm. The goal is to relax like you’re in a spa.

Wood Works

wood flooringNothing says spa-like wooden bathroom floors. Going for hardwood flooring for a regular bathroom may seem impractical. This is because of its main enemy, moisture. That is why it is wiser to have a wooden flooring for half bath. Solid wood is not advisable, but other flooring options are available for you. There are laminated wood and engineered wood. Laminated wood is more affordable and also more durable against moisture than hardwood. This makes it less prone to scratches and tear. Engineered wood is a sturdier option. Due to its thickness and layered nature, this helps protect against dampness.

Petite and Lavish

The change may seem daunting to some due to worries about lack of storage and comfort. Most of the sacrifices can make you think twice especially if you’re someone who enjoys a good bath. But, these ideas may help create a luxurious escape for you as you wind down in your humble abode.

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