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Starting A Custom Car Shop: What You Should Know

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Just because you have the perfect business idea doesn’t mean you can start it the next day. There are steps that you have to follow and things you have to consider. It’s not just about registering your business with the state and thinking you are done.

Remember, starting a business venture can be expensive. Not all of us have the liberty of investing in multiple businesses or changing our enterprise once we see the first idea is a flop. You have only one shot at making this right, or else you’ll be back to where you started with no or little money left.

With that, here are the steps that can allow you to start your custom car shop.

Careful Planning Is A Must

The most crucial step in starting your custom car shop is to plan for it carefully. You can map out the specifics of the business that include the cost and your target market.


Perhaps the most vital thing of all is to prepare your budget. Starting a business won’t be cheap, especially a custom car shop. You’ll need several equipment and tools, and only a few will be inexpensive.

For example, you’ll need a lift for the car, which is about $1,500 to $3,000 each. Then, you’ll want a diagnostic machine that can cost you $3,000 to $4,000. It’s also best to invest in an auto body spray booth, which can cost from $8,000 to $10,000.

Besides the equipment, you’ll also have to think of the rent, labor, and insurance.

Target Market

The usual target market of custom car shops are vehicle owners and it’s not just the people who want to make their car look cool. Sometimes, some people will be asking you to help with repairs, such as re-painting.

Although there are plenty of potential customers seeing the population of car owners, you’ll also have to consider that there are competitors, too. Be sure to run some research about them so that you can provide a better service and people will come to you more.

Get Legal and Insured

car sales agentAnother critical aspect of any business is to register them. Ensure you’re running a legal business, or you won’t be getting the trust of your customers. Worse, you might get in trouble with the authorities.

Check out requirements in your state about business permits and process your documents so you can get a license.

It’s also smart to get insurance for your business. Make sure you, your staff, and your customers are covered in case of unexpected happenings.

Branding and Advertising

Advertising can be tough, but you need a solid marketing plan if you want to gain the attention of your market and earn income.

There are different ways to advertise, but besides word-of-mouth, the internet will be of great help. Get social and use social media platforms to be seen. You should also reach out and engage with your community.

Starting a custom car business is not a walk in the park. Do it right and you might hit the jackpot with this business idea.

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