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Spotting Office Safety Hazards and How to Remove Them

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Accidents can still happen in an office. It’s worth knowing what to do when you see or come across certain safety hazards in your office and make it safer.

In the US, even if you are not working in a high-risk work environment like a factory or construction site, it still pays to be extra careful and be mindful of workplace safety. Accidents can still happen in an office, and it’s worth knowing what to do when you see or come across the following scenarios:

Exposed electrical parts

Exposed electrical parts or wirings are accidents waiting to happen. If not attended to, someone can get shocked or sustain burns. It can even cause fires in certain conditions. Watch out for exposed wires or those that have detached insulation parts.

Be carefully especially if they are near wet conditions or exposed to the elements, which could greatly increase electrocution risks. The top industrial electricians in Salt Lake City suggest always checking for any exposed parts and having them repaired right away.

Too much clutter on the floor

It’s not true that people are just accident-prone. Accidents happen primarily because of unchecked safety hazards or unkempt work environments. Even people who don’t usually get into accidents can hurt themselves if the place is just too messy.

Too much clutter on the floor, for example, can cause tripping accidents, which could then lead to physical injuries. Exposed cables, misplaced bins and just about anything that can obstruct foot traffic should be taken care of before someone get into an accident.

Dimly lit room

Poor lighting can greatly affect how you work and move around. In the long run, it can even affect your performance at work and put a toll on your health. Too little light can cause eye discomfort and headaches and ultimately cause unnecessary stress.

When you’re too distracted or disoriented, accidents are bound to happen. For good measure, clear the windows and make sure to let natural light into your office.

If you do not have access to natural light, make sure the lighting fixtures in your office are sufficient. Lighting systems that offer controls and flexibility are good choices too so you can adjust the light you need when you are working.

Stacks of heavy material and equipment

Boxes in a storage room

When your office is full of stacks of heavy boxes and equipment, there is a chance that they could be knocked over and cause accidents. Storage units with poor structural integrity can also pose safety risks and topple over without warning.

To solve this, find a space where you can use safely the store all the heavy office materials and equipment. Put them close to the floor as possible too.

Make sure the shelves or storage units have enough load capacity to hold the materials. Labeling each equipment or box with safety precautions can also help people know how to lift or carry them.

Even in workplaces such as offices, you need to be pro-active in making it safe for you and everyone. It is good to know how to remove safety hazards to prevent accidents and injuries.

It is also recommendable to have the contact details of medical emergency personnel or have first-aid kits ready. By keeping these things in mind, you can be more productive and perform better knowing that you are in a safe working environment.

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