Worker in garage tinting a car window with tinted foil or film

Solving Your Tinting Conundrum

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Sun protection technology has advanced to allow for efficient filtering of ultraviolet radiation. These days you can enjoy the benefits of the most advanced sunscreen protection for your skin. Better sunglasses reduce the glare of a scorching summer day.

For your cars and homes, window films offer strength and effective protection.

Dyed films

When you want to install a protective solar film that is reliable and cost-effective, you must consider a dyed product. The basic polyester sheet that already contains ultraviolet blockers is imbibed with dyes, which blocks light and absorbed heat.

The addition of dyes improves the capacity of the film to deflect ultraviolet while also absorbing heat. However, the film will not function optimally after a time. The dye will fade, and the privacy and protection it provides will lessen.

A darker tint would provide sun protection, but in some areas, some laws prohibit very dark shades on vehicles. If you are looking into tinting your car windows, check first if tint laws are in effect in your area of residence.

While searching for a suitable dyed film, look into products that are protective in the sense that they prevent the window glass from shattering in case of an accident.

Metallic films

If the kind of window tinting you require in Salt Lake City is something that repels heat, then choose a product that is metallized. Dyed films are effective at absorbing heat. Meanwhile, metallized products reject the heat with its reflective surface.

The metallic particles embedded are invisible to the naked eye. The polyethylene terephthalate film is thin enough to be attached to glass windows. Ask a local distributor which products are indicated for residential windows, and which are specific to car window application.

Carbon and ceramic

Carbon and ceramic tints are available as well. They are quite effective as they offer the advantage of not interfering with navigational signals. Metallic films are quite notorious for signal interference issues. Carbon films are quite popular because they make any window look good.

Ceramic films are top of the line but expensive. These films perform highly in UV protection, heat repulsion, and coverage. Ceramic films have the capacity to block as much as 99% of the ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun.

What is your purpose?

hand of a man tinting the car's window

Getting a tint is a rather straightforward process. However, if you wish to avoid costly mistakes such as paying for the wrong type of product, you must answer one question. Why are you getting a tint in the first place?

Some people want to make their cars look modern and sleek. They choose a darker tint – as dark as traffic regulations allow. Others may have difficulty driving at night with a dark tint and opt for a crystalline product that offers good visibility with a cooling effect.

If your purpose for tinting a vehicle is to keep it cool while driving in the daytime, then get a suitable product specifically designed to reject heat.

Solar control films are designed primarily for protection. These days, you can source products offering protection, privacy, and comfort in equal measures. Be ready to invest in a product that achieves the results you expect.

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