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Solutions for Boosting the Signal Range of Your Garage Door’s Remote Control

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Virtually all garage doors nowadays are automated. A door opener responds to a remote control signal to open or close the door. Pulling up to the garage door and pressing the remote with no results is quite annoying and inconvenient. In most cases, the jamming is due to a decrease in the signal range of the remote control. Over time, the signal is lost even when you are very close to the door.

In this instance, getting an expert to boost the signal range that controls your garage door motors in Cairns will rectify the issue. The standard signal range for garage door remote controls is 4-5 car lengths from the door. This is a safety range that ensures you can open the garage door when pulling up into the driveway. This way, you have a view of the garage door to avoid injuries and can pull into the garage and close it fast enough to keep out intruders. The following are some of the techniques experts will use to boost the signal range of your remote control.

Changing The Remote’s Frequency

Most garage door openers now operate on the 315 MHz frequency though in the past they used the 390 MHz frequency.Changing the frequency of your door opener will go some way in improving its signal range if it is one of the older models that use dip-switches. A change of the remote’s frequency can be achieved through the installation of a new circuit or logic board with a new set of controls. Alternatively, an external receiver on a wall near the opener can convert its frequency.

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Upgrading the Remote Control

The contacts on your remote control might be worn out and have a decreased signal range. In most cases, remote controls over ten years of age have worn out contacts. If the indicator light on your remote control does not flicker, this might point to worn out contacts that prevent the emission of a signal. Upgrading the remote control will be the solution in this case.

Installing an Antenna Extension

Most door openers have an antenna hanging down from their operator casing. This antenna should be directly under the door opener to guarantee a clear communication path between it and the remote controls signal. The antenna should also be at least 10’’ long to get a clear signal. An antenna extension might be the ideal solution for increasing its length to boost its receiving of a signal.

Relocating the Antenna from Known Interference

Some of the electrical components around your garage door can create signal interference and decrease its range. The most common sources of interference include LED and fluorescent lights, surge protectors, alarms and automated sprinkler systems. In these instances, an expert might recommend relocating your antenna away from the known source of interference if the latter cannot be moved.

A decreased remote signal strength is one of the most common issues that plague property owners with automated garage doors. The above solutions are the primary ones for this annoying and inconveniencing issues. Before picking one for your garage door, however, professionals will carry out several tests on the remote control and opener to ascertain the best for you.

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