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Simple Suggestions for Making Your Basement Useful and Scare-Free

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Of all the areas in a house, the least visited and populated is the basement. Many people use them as storage or utility areas, hence the lack of room for people. Also, many have the impression that the basement isn’t an ideal living space because of its dark and spooky vibe.

It also doesn’t help that sometimes, parents use it to scare the heck out of their kids by telling stories about ghosts or monsters living in the cellar. However, your basement doesn’t have to be that way.

Take these improvement schemes into account, and they might help you turn your basement from scary to smooth sailing.

1. Organize and clean.

The first step to getting your basement ready for improvement is cleaning. Clearing out your basement makes it easier for you to assess how you’d like your new and improved cellar to look. Like with your mind, a clean slate is a great start for drawing up plans and turning your vision to reality.

It also makes the estimators’ job much smoother since they’ll need to survey the area and take into account all the necessary upgrades as well as take measurements for preparing the drawings. Cleaning also makes the place safer, mess-free, and less stressful.

Studies show that a clean area has a positive effect on a person’s mental and emotional health, so doing some sweeping, organizing, and ant and other pest control in Salt Lake City will be great for you.

2. Check for potential repairs.

Aside from the scary basement stories, things that you should fear the most are faulty wiring and leaky pipes. A busted electrical connection anywhere in the house is unsafe and could potentially cause accidents, or worse, fire.

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It definitely won’t help if you want electronic devices for your man cave or game room. As for the water supply, leaky pipes will be a major problem. Number one is because it will cost you. Even small drops will accumulate to buckets and gallons of water being wasted, hence skyrocketing your water bill.

Second, water can ruin your crawlspace and floor, especially if it’s made of untreated wood, and that can lead not only to structural damage but also to the spread of harmful organisms such as termites and mold.

3. Increase illumination.

Most basements aren’t well lit or don’t have windows altogether. With that said, you may want to include more artificial lighting into the plan. Living spaces can’t be comfortable to stay in without proper lighting. After all, nobody wants to stay in a dark cellar feeling like a prisoner on a brig.

While you’re at it, go for the environmentally-friendly choice by using LED lights. They’re long-lasting and save electricity. It’s also low-maintenance, so you won’t have any worries regarding increased upkeep costs.

Nowadays, ideas for basement living spaces have been increasing especially for bachelors or families with kids that would like to have their own entertainment rooms. You can brighten up your cellar and try these ideas out as well.

Aside from cleaning, organizing, repairing, and bringing light to it, don’t forget to consult experts for the best possible design. After this, there’s no more going down the dark path and more on the fun side of the house.

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