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Signs You Have an Insect Infestation in Your Mattress

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Are there tiny little critters feeding on human blood at night? A creepy thought that is, unfortunately, a reality for one in five Americans who have needed bed bug control. In cities like Salt Lake City, cases have seen a consistent increase since the start of the decade. Thankfully, there are better ways to quell infestations nowadays. The problem lies in not being able to spot an infestation problem in time. Here are some telltale signs you’ve got these unwanted guests in your home:

There are unexplained bloodstains on your sheets and pillowcases.

While bed bugs are not necessarily sloppy eaters, they are small enough that we can easily squish them right after or during their feeding. So when you see little spots of blood on your bed, there’s a chance that it’s your own that squirted out when the tiny pests were killed. Check the hotspots like your pillowcase, your direct vicinity in the linens, and even your clothes.

There are rust-colored spots across your beddings and walls.

Not to be confused with the bloody spots you might find, these are formed from their excrement. Once these nasty things relieve themselves, they leave these stains that can smear easily. Check on your mattress and the edge of your bed to check if any of these spots are around.

There is a pervasive smell of must in the sleeping area.

Bed bugs release an odor that mainly smells musty. If you have a strong scent of it around, that could be a sign you have an infestation in your hands. That is particularly problematic if it’s consistent and hard to ignore since that means that there is a lot of them around. The power of these pheromones only increases when they are in large numbers.

There is a line of bites across your body.

child bitten by bed bugs

Unfortunately, bites from these critters are only noticeable when they start showing up later on and not right after being bitten since bed bugs can anesthetize the affected area. When they show up, they are often seen arranged in lines and clusters, with a lot of the bites grouped. They will also likely start itching at this point, and each bite will be slightly raised, red, and containing a dark spot in the center.

There are small insect shells across wood or fabric.

Another telltale sign of a bed bug problem is if they start leaving shells across corners and creases in your furniture. They are particularly drawn to wooden and fabric materials, so check these out first. These casings are left behind when they molt and get lighter the longer they are left there. Initially, they are a light yellowish-white color, but if they are older shells, they will be mostly white. Make sure to look carefully for these as they will be tiny.

If you can spot these bugs quickly, it will be easier to take action effectively. If you have some of these signs cropping up, it may be time to call up an exterminator.

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