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Should You Get a Pet Today?

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Have you been greatly affected by the pandemic? Whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, many of us have been trying to survive this global health crisis. Given this situation, there is a growing need for us to have a little companion to help us get through the quarantine period.

Since people have been feeling isolated during this time, there has been a flourish of new pet parents during this pandemic. If you are one of these new or soon-to-be pet parents, are you sure you are fully prepared to take care of a tiny being?

Before taking home your newest addition to your family, what do you need to prepare for?

Preparing The Home for Paws

Bringing home a new fur baby is an exciting adventure, but this also entails big responsibilities. You should remember that pets, no matter how small, are breathing and living creatures and should be given a good quality of life.

People have been rushing to get their own puppies or kittens since the beginning of the lockdown period. Given this sudden spike in adoptions and purchases, some “pandemic puppies” and “COVID cats” are being resold because the owners are not ready for a pet. How can you avoid this scenario? You have to do your research to be fully prepared for your new fur baby.

If you are getting an indoor pet, one of the things that might frustrate you is how pets tend to mark territories everywhere and even destroy everything they see. Hyperactive pets, especially big dogs, also tend to leave scratches on floors, leaving them unsightly. You can prepare for this by hiring hardwood flooring professionals to fix your flooring. Do this before you get your puppy so that your home will be fully ready before they arrive.

When adopting a dog, ask the pound if you can take home your dog’s favorite toy if they have any. Your home will be a strange territory for your new dog. Bringing home their favorite toy can help your home feel more familiar.

Before taking home your pet, make sure you have their basic supplies prepared. This may include a crate, cage or bed, food and water bowls, toys, pet food, and a collar and leash. Ensure you have your contact details on the collar and ID tag when you pick up your pet if they run off or wander away.

While these are ways you can be prepared for when your pet arrives at home, there are other things to consider before deciding on getting a pet. Are you financially stable? Do you have enough time for your new fur baby? Are you emotionally ready?

Financial and Emotional Preparedness


Financial and emotional preparedness is important when deciding to adopt or buy a new pet. A pet is a living being that has the right to be cared for by its human. You should commit to a pet owner’s responsibilities before you decide on getting yourself a pet.

A dog or even a cat is a big commitment. You need to be financially stable to regularly bring them to the vet, especially if you are getting a young pet. Puppies and kittens need vaccinations and other medications to keep themselves healthy as they grow up. You should take your new pet to a vet a few days after you take the pet home. This will allow the pet to adjust to you as an owner before introducing them to a new environment

House training should also be your priority. If you are particular about how your home looks, feels, and even smells, you should train your pet on the house rules. Toilet training should be the top priority as you wouldn’t want your dog or cat to mark the sofa as their territory.

Toilet training should follow the training of basic commands. Eventually, once you have established your relationship with your pet, you can also teach them advanced tricks. It is important to remember, though, to always keep the training sessions positive, especially if you are training an abandoned dog who may have been traumatized by its previous owner.

Lastly, bonding with your pet or scheduling playtime is a must. You should always provide time to play with your pet to allow them to feel loved, especially if you are only getting one pet. Although regularly spending time with them is crucial, you should also allow them some alone time.

Caring for a new pet can be a good stress-reliever during this health crisis when everyone is simply trying to survive the situation’s physical and mental impact. Getting a fur baby can be a good addition to the household, but remember to evaluate your capacity to care for another being before making this big decision. Caring for a pet is a big commitment, and responsible ownership should be your top priority.

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