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Should You Choose Asphalt Over Other Types of Driveway Pavement?

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The average price of a driveway installation in Utah will largely depend on the type of material. If you plan to use asphalt, the cost may reach at least $2,273.

Where you live in the state also determines the actual price of installation, aside from the size of your house. For instance, the cost of asphalt paving for Salt Lake City homes will definitely be more expensive for bigger driveways. Asphalt remains a good choice when you have a limited budget, but it’s important to know its limitations before you decide to use it for a pathway.

The Pros and Cons

Asphalt driveways cost around $2 to $5 per square foot, which is around half of the rate for a concrete driveway. Repairs are often easy and installation takes a shorter time. You could even use the driveway after just several hours of completion. On the other hand, installing a concrete driveway takes up to several days before it becomes usable.

In terms of longevity, concrete lasts up to 40 years compared to asphalt’s 20-year lifespan given that you take good care of the driveway. Asphalt is not a good option for wanting a custom look since it only comes in black, but it’s still a perfect choice for homeowners who live in unpredictable weather. It can endure freezing temperatures and high heat levels, unlike concrete that may crack during winter months.

If you don’t mind resealing asphalt every three years and resurfacing it regularly, then this is an economical choice. Resurfacing normally costs around $1 to $3 per square foot. Those who are hard-pressed with their finances should consider installing gravel driveways instead.

Cost of Other Materials

workers making asphalt roadYou may need to spend an average of $1,470 for a gravel driveway, which is the cheapest among the common materials. Homeowners who live in favorable weather may use this, especially since gravel could last longer than asphalt and concrete with regular maintenance.

It could also match almost any type of home design, although take note that it can be dusty whenever you use it. While gravel driveways don’t crack or sink, it shifts periodically so it may be better to apply a stabilizer to keep it in place.

Once you decide on the best material for your driveway, the next thing to do involves getting different quotes from contractors. Some companies base their rates on a standard 38 by 16-foot driveway, but you could take your own measurements for a better comparison. You should request for at least three quotes from installers to compare prices, and remember that the price of materials may vary in different parts of Utah.

Urban residents should expect to spend more on installing an asphalt driveway than rural homeowners, primarily because of the higher cost of labor and materials. It may also be necessary to obtain permits, especially when you plan to replace an existing pavement. Whether or not you choose asphalt, it’s often better to hire a licensed and insured professional for your own protection.

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