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Should I Buy New Clothes Online This Year?

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With the advent of many shipping options, online shopping has become more convenient and relevant than ever! Online shops are in a race to deliver quality goods promptly. Through the years, trust towards shopping platforms has increased in that online shopping has dramatically been integrated into our routines. From the most staple goods to the most expensive finds, we always find a way to browse through our phones’ shopping apps. As we become successful, our spending habits also tend to increase. We tend to equate our satisfaction with the number of things we have purchased and add to our collection. Until one day, we realize that clothes, shoes, and other fashion items took most of our closets’ breadth. Then comes this dreaded question that we avoided, ‘Should I really buy new clothes every single year?’

A survey revealed that online sales for clothes comprise 38.6% of the total sales for apparel in the US in 2019. Sales in retail clothes also had impressively reached 100% growth. In the last three years, online shopping has increased up to 34%. This demand for online shopping continued due to the current constraints that the pandemic has caused.

Some Reasons We Own a Lot of Clothes

However, not all of our purchases online are used regularly. Most of them fill in our closets rarely or never worn. We may not realize it, but these unused clothes account for a considerable amount of money in our budget. Having too many clothes would also cause stress as it is hard to organize them.

1. Price Drop

Why own a lot of clothes? One very convenient reason to buy clothes is its cheap sale prices. A big sale can often lure even the strongest-willed consumers into giving in to an unplanned shopping spree. The thrill, the urge to take advantage of a bargain or sale is the primary reason why our judgment is clouded. We give in to the temptation of buying items that may not be beneficial for us later on.

2. Too Late to Return the Item

Even if we change our mind, later on, we tend to take time to return the item until the given deadline has already ended. And, one day, we will realize that it is already too late to return the item.
online shopping

3. Unrealistic Future Plans or Expectations

Ever wondered why some people buy items that do not perfectly fit them? Some consumers hold on to their idealized version of their future selves. Women consumers tend to get excited to buy something ‘hoping that it will fit them one day.’ Some also bought clothing for a future occasion or a change of lifestyle–most of them do not come to fruition.

4. Temporary Satisfaction

Impulsive spending is attributed to underlying pent-up frustrations and stress. As shopping apps are conveniently installed in our phones, some would resort to a quick retail therapy to turn a bad day around. Some consumers may find temporary pleasure on their shopping finds, but would later regret purchasing items that are not very useful.

5. Sentimentality and Shame

Although we may have realized our bad shopping habits, we tend to be ashamed to admit them and thus, we hold on to that clothing item. Some people also keep clothes that bore a sentimental value. The item in their closet could be a gift or a reminder of a pleasant memory, and getting rid of them made them uncomfortable and tensed.

The next time you plan to participate in a bargain sale, try to make an audit of every item in your closet. You will be surprised to find forgotten items that still resonate with your overall fashion preferences. Of course, you don’t need all of those clothes anymore. You have to be objective on which to let go and keep.

Want to find if you still need that long-forgotten item in your closet? Play dress-up! Try these clothes in front of the mirror and choose those that spark joy in you. Also, consider borrowing from friends or family members if you need gowns or clothes that can be worn only on special occasions. There may be some gowns online that you would like to buy, however, consider the shipping options that the shop offers. Choose those with the latest shipping application programming interface (API) for easier tracking of package.  That the shop offers. Choose shops within your vicinity or country so that they can deliver your item before the occasion.

Consider stitching, making new mends, and rescuing to give a brand new look to an old piece of clothing. Consider yourself lucky if you have basic knowledge of sewing. If not, you can always make use of easy online sewing tutorials to get you started.

Buy only the clothes and fashion items that you need this year. Learn from your shopping mistakes in the past. The next time you are tempted to go on a massive shopping spree, try to take a look at your closet and reflect on what clothes you have and want to let go. Also, consider clothes that can give you long-term use. Fast-fashion may be exciting only for a couple of months but would no longer be relevant in the future.

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