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Maintaining Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

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Factories across the country had to close at the start of the pandemic to stop the spread of the virus. Even though many factories had already reopened, they had to implement measures to keep employees safe from the virus.

These safety measures are among the things manufacturers should keep in mind when operating during a pandemic. Keeping employees safe requires manufacturers to stay on top of the situation and continue monitoring their operations.

Here are the things that manufacturers should do to ensure the safety of everyone in their factories.

Identify and Control Hazards

The first thing that manufacturers should do is to identify and control potential hazards in their factories. They should work on this when installing new equipment in the factory. They should make sure that the equipment does not pose any threats to the safety of the employees. These threats include sharp edges, exposed moving parts, hot surfaces, and uneven surfaces. Once manufacturers identify these hazards, they should deal with them to keep their employees safe.

Addressing these threats include setting up warning signs in different areas of the factory. They should also ensure the employees using the equipment have the proper training to eliminate errors when handling the equipment.

Factories handling hazardous liquids should use industrial piping from reliable suppliers to transport these liquids from one part of the plant to another. These pipes should be durable and keep the employees safe when they work inside the factory.

Provide Proper Employee Training

Proper employee training is vital to ensure they are productive at work. It is also necessary to keep them safe while working in a factory. Formal training ensures the employees know the proper use of factory equipment. It also ensures they know what to do to avoid getting injured while using the equipment in the factory.

The training should also include the procedures to follow in taking care of the equipment and the proper way to log out. It should also ensure the employees know the procedures to follow in case accidents happen in the factory.

To ensure all employees go through all the necessary training, manufacturers should use safety training software that monitors and manages the training program for all employees.

Implement Proper Machine Guarding Measures

Some equipment will have safety hazards that cannot be eliminated. In these situations, manufacturers should implement measures to protect the employees using the equipment. Installing barriers or shields that protect the employee from the moving parts of the equipment is a good machine guarding measure.

Manufacturers should implement these measures in areas in the factory where employees use pulleys, belts, conveyors, and overhead cranes. These measures ensure the safety of the employees and prevent injuries while they are working.

Ensure the Safety of the Work Environment

Manufacturers should also ensure that the factory is safe for the employees. Regular checking of the factory allows them to reduce safety risks in the premises. When the manufacturer guarantees the proper maintenance of the factory, it prevents accidents from happening.

To achieve this, they should ensure the floor has no moisture or wet areas that can cause slips and falls. The employees should also inform their supervisors of potential hazards on the premises to deal with them before an accident happens.

Aside from wet floors, manufacturers should also check for chemical or biological hazards. Chemical hazards come from chemicals that the factory uses during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, biological hazards emerge from the byproducts of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers should take proper precautions in these situations to ensure the safety of their employees. Keeping the work environment safe allows the factory to improve the productivity and efficiency of its employees.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

Personnel wearing PPE with Gas Mask

Even before the pandemic, factories already required their employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). The health crisis only highlighted the importance of the equipment since it ensures the employees are safe from the virus.

The equipment that employees should use includes safety goggles, hard hats, gloves, and respirators, among others. But the products that the factory produces determine the PPEs that the employees should use while working.

Promote a Culture of Safety

Manufacturers should also promote a culture of safety within the factory. In this situation, they should make sure all the employees are responsible for keeping themselves and their colleagues safe. They should also look out for each other.

Supervisors should consistently remind the employees about the importance of following safety procedures. They should also demonstrate the processes by following them. Additionally, manufacturers can encourage employees to observe safety measures by providing regular safety training to their employees.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring the safety of everyone in the factory allows manufacturers to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workforce. Therefore, they should have safety measures in place and ensure successful implementation.

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