Renovation Ideas to Make Garages More Organized and Functional

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The garage is often one of the most ignored areas in the house. If not for parking their cars, people use the garage as a storage area for different tools, knick-knacks, and equipment. Sometimes, too much clutter can build up inside a garage that it becomes an eyesore and makes looking for who-knows-what extra difficult.

However, garages provide homeowners with an opportunity to create a more livable space in their homes by converting them into a more functional unit. Garages can offer different potential uses, from being a play area or a crafting room to a home office or a workout space.

For Those Who Want to Keep their Garage as Is

Some homeowners may be reluctant to convert their garage into a livable area because they will end up losing parking space for their vehicles. The following ideas will help remove clutter and transform garages into a more organized space.

Sports Garage

Most people store bikes, basketballs, fishing gear, and other sports equipment in their garage. If not stored properly, one can easily trip over these things, especially in a dark garage room. To make the area look more organized and to free up space, bikes may be assigned their own parking spaces or hung on walls (with the kid’s bikes occupying the bottom rack). Assigning “zones” for each sport will also make putting away equipment – and looking for them – much easier.

Gardener’s Garage

For people who enjoy gardening, the garage serve as a stock room for gardening tools, plant pots, and other gardening supplies. Hand tools may be organized and easier to see if they are suspended on walls. Pots, garden soils, and smaller items may be kept in racks or hanging shelves and labeled properly.

Once decluttering and organizing is done, homeowners should ensure that garage doors are in good working condition to keep their sports equipment or gardening tools secure. Getting in touch with a garage door installation company that will conduct an inspection will determine if there are any repairs that need to be done. They can also suggest garage door designs to help improve curb appeal.

For Those Who Want to Convert their Garage

For people living in smaller homes, finding extra space to accommodate a growing family can be difficult. If their garage is unused, they can opt convert it to a livable space.

Multipurpose Guest House


Converting a garage into a guest house entails a lot of factors to consider including the installation of insulation, drywall, flooring, and ceiling. Guest house conversions would also need a bedroom, bathroom, and even a small kitchen. Renovation costs may be expensive but once done, the new guest house can serve as an entertainment room for the family or for hosting game night. It can also accommodate guests over-night.

Office or Work Space

Home office conversion is one of the more affordable garage door makeovers. Just like guest house conversions, new flooring, insulation, drywall, and ceiling need to be installed in a home office but instead of a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchenette, homeowners only need to add worktables, chairs, or shelves. A dedicated home office will allow work-at-home parents to focus better on their projects, away from distraction.

The above are just some makeover ideas that homeowners may consider if they want to renovate their garage whether to remove clutter or transform it into a new room. Regardless of their decision, garages provide the extra space while offering a stylish and functional part of the house.

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