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Protecting Your Family Against the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many families to get separated because a member can’t go home due to lockdowns and quarantines. But some others are lucky to be together throughout the lockdown period.

Being together as a family during these trying times is a privilege, but the threat is still looming everywhere. They say the house is the safest place for people these days, but the fact the coronavirus can be transmitted through oral droplets and remain alive for a few hours makes everyone at risk. How safe are your loved ones at home?

If you want to keep your family from contracting the disease, this guide is for you.

Comply with government rules and regulations

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The pandemic has prompted social distancing rules and other regulations in different parts of the world. People are discouraged to go out and participate in ass gatherings to prevent the spread of the disease. As a citizen, you should do your part by complying with these rules. They are made to keep you and your family safe, so you must do your best to help.

When the local government officials say you should not hold or attend big events or you should always wash your hands, obey them. The authorities also recommend staying home and avoiding contact with anyone outside their property. Disinfecting the entire house is likewise advisable to prevent viruses and bacteria from multiplying and infecting the occupants.

In addition, encourage your family members to observe cleanliness and proper hygiene all the time. Ask them to join you as you do your part in keeping the disease from spreading.

Keep the house clean

If the whole family is busy working somewhere, you might not have enough time to clean the house. Therefore, it’s ideal to hire a professional house cleaning service in your area. Check if this is allowed in your community, as some local governments prohibit tradesmen from entering their jurisdiction. Make sure the cleaners observe social distancing, and they have health certificates.

Disinfect everything that enters your house

Many people are wondering how they can buy their food, pay their bills, or get the things they need to survive amid the quarantine. Well, you can still go to the market to buy food and other necessities. Just be sure to disinfect all the items before you bring them inside. For example, most people are washing everything outside before entering the house. This includes fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, and kitchen utensils.

If possible, you should wash your body or take a bath before you enter the house, especially if you just came from work or any other place. Leave your clothes in a secure place and container outside and wash them as soon as possible.

They say staying healthy and safe starts at home, which is why you need to stay hygienic. Keep this guide in mind so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones against the virus or any other infections. We can expect a better future if we do our part today.

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