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The Downsizing Guide: Pointers for a Profitable and Smooth Process

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Way back before, most people love the luxury that big houses and vast possession give. But nowadays, more and more individuals tend to find greater value in owning less. Today, living tiny is the latest trend. Downsizing to a smaller house and owning fewer possessions isn’t just good for your bank account but also for your overall well-being.

By downsizing, you can learn to be more intentional with your choices and purchases and live a simpler but happier life. If you’re planning to downsize and not sure what to do with all that things or property, we have seven practical tips for you.

1. Digitize what you can

One thing that most homeowners forget is to digitize whatever’s in their file cabinets. Check all your printed documents, from real estate paperwork or other personal files, and scan them out. You can get rid of the others that don’t need original printed paperwork. You can also digitize your old photos, CDs, and video cassettes and save them on a local hard drive or cloud. For crucial documents like your social security cards and birth certificates, keep them in one folder.

2. Don’t rent a storage unit

Many homeowners opt to rent a storage unit to keep some of their old things, then eventually put them on sale after a year or two. If this is what you’re currently considering, scrape that idea out. Why? For one, storage units promote a habit of hoarding unessential items that you rarely or do not use and need. And guess what, you’re paying for that too. If you have items that you won’t be bringing into your new house, you should trash them, donate them, or better yet, sell them.

3. Choose the right dates

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Hosting a downsizing or moving sale is unlikely to finish in just one day, which is why we suggest you pick multiple ideal dates for it. You can do it during weekends so more people can check out and see what you’re selling. It’s also better if the weather is warm and sunny. Check the weather forecast before scheduling your sale. Avoid picking popular vacation dates, where most people are busy spending time with families and friends to maximize your potential buyers.

4. Sell at bulk prices

One of the fastest ways to get rid of your house items is to sell them at bulk prices. Give discounts to buyers, and you’ll surely sell everything in no time. For instance, if someone wants to purchase your dining set, offer them a discount if they buy two more items from your house. This deal is a good trick for earning more money and quickly getting rid of your thing. You can post these deals on your social media accounts or pin some signs outside the house so your neighbors can see them.

5. Work with an estate sale business

Another smart way to liquidate the contents of your old home is to use the services of the best estate sale companies. Taking advantage of an estate sale allows you to earn money from your prized possessions without doing all the hard, dirty work. Besides reducing the stress of putting up your own yard or garage sale, this service can ensure you’ll have as many buyers as possible for your valuable house contents. At the same time, your items will be priced properly, and you can attract qualified buyers who are serious about purchasing the items.

6. Be prepared for buyer visits

Speaking of estate sales, remind yourself that buyers will likely want to personally visit your home and check the items themselves. Given that, it’s important to prepare your house for potential guests. Check your home’s air conditioning unit or HVAC system and make sure you have the right temperature inside. A house that’s uncomfortable to stay in can instantly put off a guest from looking around.

Furthermore, keep in mind that buyers might also check out your private living spaces, so don’t forget to put away your personal items. Another important space that you should stage is your kitchen. It typically holds the most items, so make sure every piece of furniture or appliance is clean and visually pleasing.

With these simple, practical tips, you can have a smoother downsizing process and get some great returns from your old property and possessions. Take the time to decide what to keep and not, and don’t rush it. Or else, you will make mistakes. Follow our suggestions and seek the help of the right professional to make everything much easier.

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