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Planning the Menu: A Guide for the Soon-to-be Newly Weds

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Planning your wedding can make you feel excited and giddy, though it can be quite stressful at times. You and your spouse-to-be will spend a lot of time together, scouting for venues and picking suppliers when it comes to your reception and celebration. You have a long list of things to accomplish and tick off, and one of them is the food. You have to understand that food makes up a large portion of any celebration. It is even the first thing that many guests look forward to. With all these reasons, it only makes sense that you make time for this one. You should also not take this one for granted.

Planning your menu should be done meticulously. You will have to check a lot of wedding catering companies in Malibu, CA to get the right one. With that, you have to have enough time for it. Deciding on the dishes is also challenging, especially if you do not know where to start. Luckily, you have this guide. Here are some of the useful pointers that you can use when picking the dishes for your wedding reception. Do not forget to bring some of your trusted family members and friends to help you gauge the choices.

Look at your wedding theme

The first parameter you can look at when deciding on the dishes for your wedding day is the theme of your wedding. Every aspect of your wedding should be tied up together by an overarching theme. Your celebration will look scattered if one aspect is not in line with the existing theme. If your wedding theme is hinged on Oriental Asian traditions, you may want to pick food originating from East Asia. Japanese, Chinese, and even Korean could be your choices. There are many caterers that specialize in a wide variety of cuisines.

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Know your guests

The number of guests is important when deciding on the cuisine and the type of caterer to work with. However, what’s more important is what the guests want. So, what you should do is find out what they want. You can do this by creating a simple survey. If you think that it is too direct, you can always casually ask them in person under the guise of seeking advice. Just pick some trusted family and friends. You can even take these people to your tasting sessions. Find out if your guests have dietary restrictions.

Check the season

The season has a say on the type of food you will be serving. This is because there are vegetables and fruits that grow during specific seasons. For one, pumpkins are abundant during cool seasons, such as fall. If this is a major concern, you can always talk to your caterer and hear their recommendations.

Weddings are wonderful celebrations that bring everyone together. Make the celebration much more memorable and wonderful with the right food choices. Make time for food tasting events and suppliers meeting. Also, do not discount the suggestions and advice of your family, friends, and even the caterer.

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