The Best Way to Plan a Staycation for the Summer

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Just like that, half of 2021 is almost past us, and we’re looking forward to the summer. However, many places worldwide are still under lockdown, as the pandemic hasn’t quite settled down yet. In that very spirit, let us reintroduce the staycation. We present the best ways for you to have fun on your vacation, even from the comfort of your town or city.

What Is a Staycation and What Are the Benefits?

A staycation essentially boils down to vacationing at home. Whether the limits of home are defined by your house, town, or city is entirely up to you. Naturally, many people must be scratching their heads at the thought. After all, why spend your vacation where you already live? When was the last time you felt at ease with your default surroundings? The current work environment has made daily life a draining errand for most. How often does one get to stop and smell the roses?

With a staycation, you can finally choose to relish in your surroundings, not just survive in them. Not only that but it’s also cheaper and easier to plan. You can finally kick points off the bucket list that has been put off for so long. Right now is the best time for it. With regulations relaxing due to vaccinations but flying around still proving risky, a staycation is the way to go for most of us.

Plan Out Your Boundaries

The first step of your staycation planning is also the easiest: setting up boundaries. Do you just want to lounge about the house for a weekend? Should you maybe consider strolling around your residential area’s vicinity?

Ask yourself a few questions before starting. What is your goal with all of this? Are you looking just to relax and kick back for a few days? Maybe you want to find out a little more about your local area.

With questions like these, you can easily broaden or limit your boundaries. This makes jotting down activities and the like easier as we plan onward.

You can take care of essential matters that don’t typically fit into your schedule. Do a bit of spring cleaning around the house. Start a DIY project. Go for a routine medical check-up. You might as well even take a trip round to the nearest orthodontist for that much-needed self-care session while we’re at it. The point is simply that you have the liberty to do what you want, on your own terms.

Take Up Online Classes for Activities

Taking a crack at being a hobbyist is a great way to spend your staycation. The internet has added so much variety to what you can do at home. Online classes can be found almost anywhere, for any range of prices.

Taking up beginner’s cooking and/or baking is a classic. You’re learning a life skill and going through the motions of a fun activity at the same time. Maybe you’re worried about burning your food, or perhaps you’re not quite ready to try cooking out yet. If so, you can consider taking art lessons, even if you feel like you’re not good at it. Even if you end up not doing as well as you’d like, splashing paint about on canvas is bound to be a blast.

Experiment with New Places to Eat Out From


A staycation might honestly be the best way to experience your local area’s food culture. On other days, no one wants to spend either the time or money to explore. But a staycation is your day in the sun, so overindulge as you will!

The important thing to remember is that there are no wrong answers. Now is the time to try out that fancy sushi restaurant you’ve been wanting to dine in for so long.

If you’re looking for something a bit more creative, do a wine tasting! Head off to a local brewery, crown yourself the judge, and explore a wide range of flavors. The fun part of this also comes with how dedicated you are to the activity. Go all-in by bringing a notepad. Make a small charcuterie board go with the tasting, too.

Kick Back On Your Couch and Have the Binge Session of A Lifetime

This entry is for those people who want to take vacation time as an opportunity to rewind and unwind. Who doesn’t love a binge session?

Let’s set up the scene. You cover your couch with a clean, crisp sheet. You get your favorite blanket to snuggle up with. You then drab a bowl of popcorn, set up your streaming channel, and relax.

While video streaming is the default couch activity for most people, there are other things you can do. Your favorite activity may involve bringing down a stack of your favorite volumes. Then, kick back, open a book, and read by lamplight.

That’s about it! These are some of the best ways you can plan a staycation. But, honestly, there’s so much more to do. It all boils down to your preference. Any vacation’s primary purpose is catering to your needs!

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