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Why Giving a Custom-made Gift Is Ideal During a Pandemic

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Giving gifts to our loved ones is somehow a way of showing them our gratitude. At the same time, it helps us develop a deeper connection with them. Usually, this would take place during birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, and other special occasions. And of course, upon seeing the joy on their faces, we immediately feel satisfied because we know our efforts were worth it. But, since there’s an ongoing pandemic, you may want to go for something a bit more personal.

Every Individual Is Different

Gifting is usually a way of expressing one’s love, whether it’s to a family member, a friend, or even a special someone. But there are some things that you need to consider beforehand. Of course, every individual is different.

So it would be best if you first put yourself in the shoes of the receiver. It may be a bit obvious if you directly ask them what they like. So instead, you may want to invite them out to a nearby mall to spend some time with one another. Take this as a chance to observe what usually catches their eye because that can already give you an idea.

But if you notice that material objects aren’t what they really desire, then you may want to go for something else. They may be leaning more towards the adventurous side. So you can maybe plan a road trip and go skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and more. If they love music, you can buy tickets to see a concert by their favorite artist. Even if these aren’t things they can keep physically, the experience would always stay with them.

Create a More Personal Gift

However, these kinds of activities aren’t really possible at the moment. You shouldn’t worry because there are other ways to show your love—one of these ideas is personalization.

Nowadays, we’re all trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. At times, things can get overwhelming to the point that it stresses us out. So instead of buying gifts from various shops and having them delivered to one’s doorstep, you may want to be a bit more genuine. Of course, we’d want to have something that can provide us with comfort and assurance. So, a customized gift can be more ideal.

Let’s say you’re planning to give a present to your younger brother or sister. If they love stuffed toys, some companies can give you the option to create a design or attach a photo to a doll. In that way, there’ll be no other product with the same features. If it’s for someone older, you can even create a scarf or a blanket. Some individuals are now choosing to knit during their free time, especially since it’s also a way of releasing stress.

Aside from those, you can even choose to send out a food package. Since you’re probably staying at home for most parts of the day, you may want to take the time to learn how to cook or bake. With the help of technology, there are already various recipes and videos that you can find online. Eventually, your loved ones might even encourage you to turn it into a business.

Turn It into a Business

Online shops are now surfacing on the internet so that you can give it a try as well. As mentioned, people want to feel comforted during these times, so a personalized gift business can make you stand out. As long as you have the necessary equipment and supplies, from the thread, fabric, ingredients, customized shipping boxes, and more, it’ll be easier to handle the rest. If it becomes a hit, you may even want to consider making wholesale purchases to lessen your expenses.

Creativity Is Key

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Our likes and dislikes are what make us unique. This is why whenever you’re choosing a gift for someone, you need to give it a lot of thought. Of course, you’d want the recipient to feel happy and appreciated. Whether it’s a significant object or a memorable experience, giving this can also help strengthen your bond with one another as the days pass.

But due to today’s situation, it may be ideal for spending more time creating a heartfelt gift. You can learn a new skill to help you come up with a creative output. It can be something they can wear, play with, or eat. Eventually, this may even give you the chance to make money on the side as well. This way, you can do something that you like and profit from it.

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