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Metal Roofing: What You Need to Know

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Your roof is one of the essential parts of your home. When bad weather comes along, it takes the beating from the elements. That is why metal roofing is a good choice for your home. Instead of asphalt shingles, you will have solid steel on your roof.

Here’s what you need to know so that your metal roof will look great and function at its best:

Can Use Different Metals

Metal roofing isn’t limited to just steel. You can opt for aluminum and copper, although these have varying costs. They are all metal, though, and do provide some general advantages, such as being energy efficient and recyclable. It will be up to you to work with your roofer to see which metal will best fit with the needs of your home.

Savings in the Long Run

Let’s be upfront about it: metal roofs are expensive. Asphalt roofs cost half than what metal roofs cost and that’s just the average price. That does not consider the additional costs such as precision cutting the sheets and installation. However, think about the money spent as an investment.

With a metal roof, your home is more energy efficient. When you use reflective metal sheets, 30 percent of the solar heat is reflected away from your home. This can mean discounts in cooling. Additionally, a metal roof will last up to 40 to 70 years. When a homeowner installs a metal roof, there is a low chance that they will ever need to replace it, unlike the standard asphalt roof that needs replacing every 15 to 20 years.

Surprisingly Light

Worker puts the metal tiles on the roof of a wooden houseIt may surprise many people, but the metal sheets that make up metal roofs are lighter than they look. Asphalt or shale shingles are actually heavier. That is why when people are looking to install solar panels on their roofs, they are best paired with metal roofing to lighten the load on the home.

It Needs to Fit Right

One of the things you need to be sure about when it comes to installing a metal roof is that it needs to be a tight fit. A metal roof is often placed over a second frame structure. Sheets of metal are laid on the frame and to avoid any leaks, you will want precision cut sheets. Laser cutting experts in Salt Lake City and other urban areas may be able to help, with the lasers providing the accurate cut that a metal roof requires.

This precision is also needed if you go the other way in metal roof installation: just sheathing it over your existing roof structure. You want sheet metal cut to precise measurements so that every inch of your roof is covered.

Understand the Durability

Metal roofs are tough. They are fireproof, immune to rotting, and no insect is going to eat any of it. However, they are not invincible. Copper and aluminum roofs are less durable and can be dented by severe hailstorms. Steel roofs are more durable, but they are the most expensive. If your region is prone to powerful hailstorms, then you might consider going for steel.

A metal roof is a significant investment, so it is understandable if you hesitate a bit. However, with the right information, like the ones pointed out above, you can be sure that your investment will pay off in the long run.

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